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I’m a big fan of grooming my dog at home and I have started to become a dab hand at getting her coat just the way I like it.  She was always so afraid of the grooming parlour so as soon as I could I invested in a set of dog clippers so I could keep on top of her crazy coat.  I’m really glad I invested because some of the more cheaper options out there break easily and can be way too noisy for dogs (you can see my review here about the top dog clippers) and one of the best to invest in is this set I’m reviewing today.  I hope you find this Andis dog clippers review helpful and can guide you to making a good choice about some clippers to make hair cutting day a breeze!  Ok, at least not a nightmare!

Our Andis dog clippers review

When looking for a set of dog clippers it’s always good to look at what people who use them each day choose to buy – and quite often professional groomers will choose the Andis range.  They are experts in the dog clippers field (and make clippers for humans and horses too!) and so have designed a really great product with dogs in mind here.

They are so comfortable to use, again if you’re using them all day long you’d want that wouldn’t you?  So if you only need them to trim your own dog you’ll find them really nice, comfortable and lightweight.  They are also really robust too though and definitely feel like a good quality product.


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Powerful but quiet

One of the stand out features of the Andis AGC2 dog clippers is that it has such a powerful motor, yet it’s quiet.  If you have a skittish dog then you know how important a quiet set of trimmers can be!

The motor has 2 speeds and runs at 4000 strokes a minute on high speed and 3400 at low speed.  It’s mains powered which to be honest you do need to keep the power going to the blades – you don’t want them slowing down and getting all caught up!


Selection of blades available

The Andis clipper comes with a No 10 blade which is a fairly short cut at 1.5mm so if you need a different blade to that one you might need to invest in another length.  You can see all of the blades available here.

Since all dogs coats vary it’s a good idea to check what is recommended for your breed.  So search online for your breed of dog and the recommendations for what length to cut them to.  The No 10 is a good blade though especially if you do need to go quite short with your dogs hair.


Features and specification

  • powerful two speed motor
  • comes with a No 10 blade
  • blades are easily attached
  • Quiet and comfortable to hold
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty


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What others have to say

As well as giving my own views I like to check the internet to get a general view of what people have said about these clippers.

There are quite a lot of positive reviews about this product – the main positive points are that they do not overheat and they make cutting dogs hair so much easier.

The negatives are the price tag – these are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to clippers, especially when you add in buying extra blades.


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Overall these are a significant investment but a really sound one.  If professionals rate them then an amateur groomer is going to love them.  Add up the amount a few trips to the groomer will be and you’ll soon see that they’ll pay for themselves in no time!
The winning feature for me has to be the quietness of the motor.  It really makes for such a stress free grooming session and once you and your dog get confident with them it will be just another day.

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