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If you’re a busy person who is rushing around in the morning then feeding the dog at the right time is just another thing to add to the endless to do list isn’t it?  One way to get round that is to get an automatic feeder for your dog which will feed them at a certain time.  It’s also good if you have an unreliable schedule and want to give your dog a regular feeding time.  In this article I’m looking at the best automatic dog feeder with a timer so you can take that extra item off your to do list!

How to choose the best automatic dog feeder with timer

You have a few different options when it comes to automatic pet feeders.  You can get simple ones where the compartment with the dog food opens or is revealed at a set time or you can get some that dispense the food in to food bowls at a set time.  Either way, they’re simply a dog bowl with a timer!

The first kind needs more attention from you as you’ll need to make sure you’re on top of keeping it filled up – likely it won’t last longer than 2-3 days worth of food.  The latter can hold sometimes up to 90 days worth of food so just needs topping up when it gets low.

Price is a factor of course with the more simpler self feeders being cheaper than the dispensers.

Another thing to consider is the size of your dog.  Larger breeds may find that the small automatic feeders aren’t nice to eat out of or perhaps won’t even hold enough food.  Often these feeders are designed for both dogs and cats so are a size that fit smaller animals.

Most of these are designed to work indoors and are generally battery operated – if you want something for outside make sure that it is well covered from the elements and they should be good.

Finally you need to think about what food you’re likely to be feeding.  If you want to use wet food then a dispenser isn’t going to work at all and you’ll want something that just opens up at the right time.  Personally I think these items lend themselves better to dry food.

Our automatic dog feeder reviews


PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Programmable Digital Pet Feeder

This digital pet feeder station from PetSafe is one of the top rated on Amazon and it’s really popular right now.  It is the most expensive item on the list though, but I think the options you get with this and the fact it’s suitable for bigger dogs too makes it a great item.

  • 2.4kg capacity
  • for dried or semi-moist foods
  • slow feed option to prevent dogs who like to gulp down food being sick
  • programmable to allow for any feeding schedule

perfect for… larger breeds

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PetSafe 5 Meal Pet feeder

Another automatic pet feeder from PetSafe is this 5 meal feeder.  It’s a more traditional idea of a feeder where you fill up the tray with the portions and it will rotate so that when you want it to it will reveal the food.  I’d say this one is better suited for smaller dogs but perhaps if you have a larger dog who is fed more often during the day to prevent them gulping down too much it would be good too.

  • dishwasher safe feeder tray
  • 5 compartments
  • 230g of food can be fitted in each tray
  • good for any kind of food, dry or wet

Perfect for… wet or homemade dog food 

Check out reviews and the latest price here



TD Design 4.3L Automatic Pet Feeder

This is a really smart looking automatic dog food dispenser which is welcome as some can really look pretty ugly.  I think this one would look great in any home and not look out of place.  Like the Andrew James feeder above this one can also record a message for you to play to your dog when their food is being dispensed.

This timed dog feeder can only feed up to 4 times per day so if you need more times than that you’d need to look elsewhere.

My favourite feature of this one is that if the tray ends up with more than 13 portions in it (each ‘portion’ is 10g and you can dispense up to 10 ‘portions’ in each feeding time), it will stop dispensing.  So, for example if your dog isn’t eating it won’t keep sending more food in to the tray and potentially making a mess.

  • 4.3L storage
  • can customise your portion sizes in 10g/24ml increments
  • programmable for up to 4 meals per day
  • battery or mains operated

Perfect for…  up to medium size dogs and dried food

See more reviews of this item on Amazon here




Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder


This pet feeder from Andrew James is another of the style of a rotating tray which reveals the food at set times.  One unique thing about this one is that you can record a message of up to 8 seconds long too.  So if you want to be able to tell your dog it’s dinner time it can do that!  It’s a good size feeder as well and can suit larger dogs so long as their portion sizes will fit in.

  • 6 portions – 175 ml capacity in each
  • can be programmed to open up to 6 times each day
  • voice recorder – leave a message for your dog!
  • Can be dismantled for easy cleaning

Perfect for… leaving your dog a message!

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