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If your dog has a sensitive tummy and doesn’t react well to what you put down for them to eat then you’ll naturally be looking for the best dog food for a sensitive stomach.  It’s hard to give an absolute best recommendation because all dogs are different and what one will eat another surely will not.  You may even see this happening at home if you have more than one dog!

Many manufacturers will make a ‘sensitive stomach’ dog food as the need for it is increasing a lot more nowadays.  Perhaps that’s because we’re looking to get the best for our dogs more nowadays or perhaps it’s because we’re becoming more informed about what causes bad dog wind or digestive issues and we want to sort it out!  Either way there’s a huge choice and so you’ll certainly be able to try quite a few brands to see which one suits.  My recommendation is to go with a small bag (if available) if you’re not sure and don’t want to waste the food.

Sensitive dog food is good for all dogs who might have problems with allergies, diarrhoea, smelly wind or sensitive skin although if you’re concerned about any of these conditions and if there might be underlying issues do get in touch with your vet.


Our best dog food for sensitive stomach reviews

It may be worth looking at grain free dog foods for sensitive stomachs and I have a page dedicated to that subject.

The dog foods listed in this article are all complete dried dog foods.  If you want wet dog food that are suitable for sensitive stomachs you might want to check out my article about the best grain free dog foods which does include canned and wet dog foods – you can find that here.


Tails dog food – unique to your dog

Something that is well worth trying for sensitive stomach dogs is some tailored dog food.  There are a few companies that do this nowadays and it provides a great opportunity to give your dog exactly what they need. is a well recommended company with tonnes of satisfied dogs!

You simply provide the company with some details about your dog from their size to their breed and any sensitivities or health issues they have the they send out an individualised plan for them!

The downsides are that the food can be a bit higher in price than more generic brands but what you get in return makes up for that since it’s absolutely perfect for your dog.  The pricing structure is based on the size of your dog.

You can give it a go with 50% off to see if it will work for your dog first – check out what they have to offer here



Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic dog food

One of the most popular brands on the market for sensitive dog food is Burgess.  They have a great range of food which makes it my top choice too –  they have three different flavours of adult dog food and a puppy food as well.  The adult dog food comes in turkey, salmon or lamb flavours and the sensitive puppy food comes in a turkey flavour.

Their food is free from maize, wheat, eggs, dairy, beef and soya which means many of the potential foods that can upset a dog are not included.

The meat content is a minimum of 26% and rice is 26% and they have added vitamins and minerals to help with the all round health of your dog.

There are a lot of positive reviews for this product on Amazon – it’s a really popular choice!

Check Amazon for more reviews and latest price


Burns Dog Food Sensitive

Another popular choice is this dry dog food from Burns.  It comes in two different flavours – pork and potato and also duck and rice.  They also do a range of sensitive dog treats too – see here.

It’s a hypoallergenic and complete dog food so if your dog enjoys eating it you wouldn’t need anything else.  It’s also wheat, dairy, soya and beef free and also is free from artificial colourings and preservatives.

It’s beneficial not only to dogs with a sensitive stomach but also for those with sensitive skin.

It’s also available in small 2kg packs should you want to try it out at a lower cost.

Check Amazon for more reviews and latest price


Arden Grange Dog Food – Adult Sensitive

This dog food comes in the flavour of white fish and potato which is the only one they have that falls under the ‘sensitive dog food’ category.  However it’s another popular dog food that helps with delicate digestions and also for dogs with sensitive skin. They also do their own range of sensitive dog treats too which you can see here.

Ocean fish is a great option for sensitive dogs as it’s a really high protein yet easy to digest.  This food is completely wheat, beef, soya and dairy free.

It’s one of the more expensive foods when you look at the cost per kg but again comes in a smaller bag should you wish to test it out.

Check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon here


Wagg dog food Sensitive dry mix

One of the major brands in the UK and a well known one is Wagg.  This is probably the cheapest of the lot when looking at the cost per kg which is a major benefit to some!

The dog food comes in just one variety – chicken and rice.  It is completely wheat, wheat gluten, dairy and soya free and has no added sugar.  There are a variety of added vitamins and minerals to help with a glossy coat, healthy teeth and strong immune system.

Wagg also do their own version of sensitive dog treat which you can see here.

The main benefit of this product is the price – many of the positive reviews come from people who couldn’t afford the more expensive varieties but have found this one to be as good but much cheaper.

Check Amazon for the latest price and reviews


Eukanuba Dry Dog Food Daily Care Adult sensitive digestion

Eukanuba is one of the more premium of the mainstream brands of dog food and was one of the first brands I was introduced to when I got my first dog many years ago who also had a sensitive tummy.

This one that they do currently is a chicken and turkey flavour.  It’s a complete food with added vitamins and probiotics which also help your dogs immune system.  They don’t state whether it is wheat or gluten free so this might be worth checking if it’s important to you.

Their dog food is very high quality and has been made using high tech methods – this one even includes their DentaDefense technology which apparently helps to clean your dog’s teeth as he eats.

Check out this brand on Amazon here


My main advice to you if you’re going down this rabbit hole of food to try is to no be afraid to try out some different foods for your dog.

Dry dog food may be better or you may find that canned, wet dog food will be best for your dog’s sensitive stomach and digestive issues.  It might take a while to get there but it will be worth it in the end to get a much happier dog!

Good luck!


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4 thoughts on “Best dog food for sensitive stomach in the UK”

  1. I had terrible problems with my wire haired standard dachshund. I bought him as a 9month old and he had previously been fed a raw diet. Despite a gradual change to an expensive Canadian dry food he had constant loose stools and diarrhoea.
    Of course this meant several visits to the vets (a course of antibiotics/paste etc) and the advice was to change to vet recommended diet, which I did but there was no change in the situation. In desperation I looked on line and came across Pero super sensitive dog food ( 32% fish meal and tapioca) It was an immediate success and everything firmed up. This food had been developed for GSDs with pancreatic problems. If you have similar problems as I did give it a go and one advantage is its half the price of the Canadian food
    I looked on line

    • Thanks for your recommendation Robert – sorry you have had such problems with your dog, but really glad you’ve found a solution now. Sometimes it really is just trial and error.

      • Now on third bag of pero super sensitiv.e I can thourougly recommend this food
        Dogs stools are now perfect. Once again the continuing transformation has been amazing.
        Dog clears his bowl immediately, he is fed twice a day with no problems.
        The dog is in perfect condition

    • Hi Robert, Same situation here we have a 9 month old Boxer pup with a sensitive tummy. I have tried 2 small bags of Turkey and salmon Canilove
      The gas smell is horrendous. Which of the Pero did you switch to? Thanks in advance.

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