Best dog ramp for cars, 4x4s and SUVs

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If you go out with your dog in the car you might be thinking about getting a dog ramp.  They can be a great idea especially if your dog is old, prone to injuries or simply if you have a car that is quite high up like a 4×4 or an SUV.  This article is looking at the best dog ramp for cars and I hope you find it helpful if you’re looking for advice on buying one.

Why consider getting a dog ramp?

Some dogs jump in and out of cars with ease, but others really struggle.  It could be that their joints and muscles aren’t up to it, perhaps they are getting old or have been injured in the past, or it could be that they are scared of the height, the jump or maybe the aren’t big enough to reach.  If a dog has jumped and hurt themselves in the past it can cause anxiety when trying to then get them in and out of the car.

Having a dog ramp is a good idea for many reasons then.  The first is that it really helps to minimise injuries and any stress and anxiety from accidents.  Some dogs are prone to getting joint problems like arthritis and those might be even more better to refrain from big jumps regularly.

Older dogs simply can’t always do the big jumps that they could do when younger so a ramp helps them get in to the car while not needing help.

Finally, some dogs are so big that if they can’t get themselves in you could cause injury to yourself by trying to lift them!  In my opinion, if you can, get a dog ramp in the car.  You never know when you might find your dog struggling to get in or out.

What to look for in the best pet ramp?

Not all ramps are the same and your priorities will likely be different depending on the kind of dog you have, his personality and also what kind of car you have.

  • Look for some form of grip on the ramp.  If your car is high up then it’s going to be steep and your dog needs to be comfortable walking on it.
  • Easily portable – you can get large sets of steps but I wouldn’t recommend them for constant use in the car (I’ll be reviewing some of these soon as well – keep an eye out)
  • Foldable – space might be an issue for you and if so you might need to make sure they fold to a good size.
  • Suitable for your dogs weight – if you have a small dog then your worries won’t be as much here but large dogs need to have a ramp that will take their weight.
  • Long enough – the higher your tailgate the longer you’ll need the ramp otherwise it will be too steep.  Get a tape measure and see how steep it will be from your car before buying.
  • Wide enough – if your dog is nervous you’ll want to make sure that it’s wide enough that he feels comfortable walking on it.
  • Most ramps also have raised edges or rails at the side – these are important so that your dog doesn’t inadvertently place their foot too close to the edge and it also can give some comfort to dogs who are nervous.


Best dog ramp – our reviews

Trixie Pet Ramp

The Trixie Pet ramp is a good all round ramp that would be suitable for most general cars.  If you have a car with a high tailgate then you might find that it’s a little steep for it.  The measurements of the ramp are 40cm wide by 156cm long.

It comes in a black plastic with moulded rails along the side which will allow your dog to safely walk up or down without his feet getting too close to the edge.  The ramp has a rough surface to grip which is a little like sandpaper.

It’s a bi-fold design to easily fit in a car boot.

It’s suitable for dogs up to 90kg.

Check the latest price here


Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp

This dog ramp from Pet Gear is a really strong and sturdy option.  It’s a trip-fold design so it folds down fairly small.

The dimensions of this ramp when fully extended are 71″ x 19.5″ (approx 180cm x 50cm) so it’s much longer than the Trixie one mentioned previously and also slightly wider.  PetGear state that this will take a dog up to 200lbs which is around 90kg.

It has a good non slip surface and rubber grippers on the bottom of the ramp so that it doesn’t slip on the ground either.

Check out more reviews here.


Solvit Deluxe Telescopic Dog Ramp

This dog ramp from Solvit is a different design to all the rest because it’s not foldable – it has a telescopic design that enables you to extend it as far as you need.  It will extend from 39″ to 72″ (99cm – 182cm) so suitable if you have different cars with different needs too or simply if you have a little less space to use it

This is the one you need if you’re looking for a dog ramp for big and heavy dogs – it has been tested up to 400lbs (approx 180kg)!

It comes with a really nice traction surface so not slippy at all and has rubber grips underneath for more stability.

It is one of the more pricier in the range but one you can be sure will be up to the job.

Check out the latest price here





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