What is the best flea treatment for dogs in the UK?

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It doesn’t matter how clean your home is or how often you bathe your dog, fleas can become a problem and once they arrive you’ll know about it!  Not only are they irritating for your dog but you can often find that you’ll suffer from bites yourself.  It’s important to be on top of any flea situation as they can easily infect carpets and soft furnishings in your house.

Check further down the page for my thoughts on the best flea treatment for dogs in the UK right now.

How to tell if your dog has fleas?

The tell tale signs which might point to your dog having fleas are the following:

  • your dog is scratching a lot more than usual
  • you can see small dark specks in your dogs fur
  • using a flea comb can pick up the dark specks or even adult fleas.


What’s better – drops, a collar or powder?

So which dog, flea and tick control is the best?

There are a few different ways that you can deal with fleas, the most common being the drops that you apply to a dogs skin.  Some people find that the drops are the most effective way but it’s a ‘your mileage may vary’ type of thing.  Some will swear by the collars, some by powders – only you know how your dog and lifestyle is so choose what looks like will be the best option for you and give it a try.

As with lots of pest control, the pests eventually become immune to the flea medicine, so if one way seems to not work don’t be afraid to try another brand or type of dog flea treatment.  Remember as well that prevention is definitely easier than curing an infestation!


Subscription sites – a good way to remember to treat

If, like me, you’re prone to forgetting to treat your dog (I have to set up a reminder on my calendar!) then a subscription service might be worth thinking about.  This one from Itch Pet is really good value and perfect for if you’re worried about forgetting.  You can try the service for free for the first month (just paying postage) and see how it goes.  See more information here.




Best flea treatment for dogs – my reviews

Frontline Spot On for dogs

One of the most popular brands for flea control in the UK is this one from Frontline.  You basically squeeze the pipette of medication on to the dogs skin, normally at the base of their neck so they can’t lick it, and allow it to soak in.  It’s waterproof so you don’t need to worry about bathing your dog and it coming off, or even taking them for a walk and them going for an impromptu swim!  Each treatment lasts about 4 weeks.

Frontline also has the advantage of killing ticks and lice which might be something to consider.

There are different packs for different sized dogs so make sure you get the right dosage.  It’s also a good flea treatment for puppies as it can be used from 8 weeks.

See Amazon for the latest price


Beaphar FIPROtec

Another good option is this spot on treatment from Beaphar – the active ingredient in it is Fipronil.

It kills fleas and ticks for up to 5 weeks and is easy to apply with a pipette.  You get 6 pipettes in a pack so that will last 30 weeks – over 6 months!  Again, check the size of your dog and be sure to get the right dosage for him.

See reviews and latest price here


Beaphar Dog Flea and Tick Collar

Flea and Tick collars are another good option and this one, again from Beaphar, is a particularly good one.  Because they last for much longer than the drops – 4 months instead of one month for each drop treatment, this can be good if, like me you’re not great at remembering when to treat your dogs!  (I always try and add it to my calendar now).  It’s impregnated with the chemical, is waterproof and is suitable for dogs from the age of 3 months old.

It’s also a slightly cheaper way of doing it, so if budget is a consideration then I’d be inclined to give these a go.

If your dog hates collars and is likely to pull it off this isn’t the thing for you!

See more about this item on Amazon here


Amber Flea Lice and Tick collar

This is a slightly different idea and one that is completely natural – an amber dog collar.  I’ve not used this myself but I’m striving to cut down on chemicals in our house so I’ll be giving this one a go shortly.

It works by the natural chemicals in the amber being a deterrent to ticks.  It also creates a small electro charge through the dogs fur – like a static charge – that stops small insects deciding that it’s a nice place to live.  Intriguing huh?  Definitely a unique kind of flea repellent.

The reviews of this one are really good – you can see more of them here.



Nature’s Healing Powder

Another option for people looking for a natural flea treatment for dogs is this one called Nature’s Healing Powder.  It’s 100% natural and contains no man made chemicals so is safe to use in the home whether you have kids, babies or just want to be free from harsh chemicals.

The flea powder can be used in two ways, first of as a topical powder application, applied to the dogs coat and bedding.  You apply once a week for a minimum of 4 weeks until the fleas are gone.

Secondly you can use it as a feed supplement to help with internal parasites.

Again the reviews for this item are really favourable and it’s something I really recommend if keeping your house chemical free and looking for natural dog health supplements.

See the latest price and reviews here



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