What is the best grain free dog food in the UK

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Grain free dog food is really popular right now.  Gone are the days when dogs get inferior food dished up to them – nowadays we’re learning more and more about how to keep them healthy and filling out dog foods with inexpensive fillers are not up to scratch for our furry family members!  Here’s some of the best grain free dog food that’s available in the UK right now.

What are the benefits of grain free dog food

The main benefit that I see of this kind pf dog food is that my dogs are getting more nutrients in their food because it’s full of actual, useable food rather than fillers.  Fillers do nothing for them in terms of nutrition and just means that they’re lacking all the time.  I don’t want this with my dogs – I want them to be healthy!

Other benefits are:

  • can be helpful for dogs with allergies or skin sensitivities
  • can give dogs more energy
  • gives them a much healthier looking coat and nails
  • can reduce smelly wind
  • some dogs don’t tolerate wheat which is a big part of food with grains.

As you can see it’s quite a good list of reasons to try it!

Our grain free dog food reviews

I’ve tried to talk about a wide variety of brands here and given the pros and cons of them – of course all dogs are different and have different tastes so don’t be afraid to give them a try and see how you get on with them.

Best grain free wet dog food


Lily’s Kitchen Wet Food for dogs

Lily’s Kitchen is one of my favourite varieties of dog food and they have a great product here with their wet dog food.  It can be expensive, especially if you’re used to more cheaper dog food, but I do think they are worth it.


  • Full of natural ingredients and a high meat content
  • Loads of recipes and flavours, they even have some for ill dogs and a special for Christmas!


  • A little bit on the expensive side

To see more about this dog food and read reviews click here.


Naturo Grain Free Wet dog food


This wet dog food from Naturo is a really good value pack, not too expensive for wet dog food.  It does have rice in it

Another good wet dog food that is also grain free is this one from Naturo.  Although you’re limited in varieties with this one it’s a good one to give a go.  


  • Good value
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • comes in 150g or 400g portions


  • The packaging isn’t always great
  • Only 2 varieties are truly grain free – the one above and the salmon and potato flavour

check the latest price of this dog food on Amazon here


Best grain free dry dog food

Lifelong Grain Free dog food

This dog food from Lifelong is worth pointing out as it’s slightly cheaper than some of the other brands.  Unfortunately you only get one variety that is truly grain free, although they do some that are simply hypoallergenic so might be worth considering if you are looking to grain free food to clear up any allergies.


  • One of the cheaper varieties (per kg) of dry dog food that is also grain free
  • bag is resealable
  • All natural and hypoallergenic ingredients


  • Only one flavour is truly grain free – they have others that have rice and oats in them

See more about this dog food on Amazon


Lily’s Kitchen Adult complete dry dog food

Another good option from Lily’s Kitchen is their dried dog food.  They really have a fantastic and huge variety of food in their range, and all grain free.


  • A good amount of different varieties, including suitable for older dogs and puppies (see here for the puppy grain free dog food variety)
  • All high quality ingredients
  • Available in smaller bags and up to 7kg bags


Check the latest price of this dog food on Amazon here


AATU 80/20 Dog food

This is a really amazing dry dog food.  Normally you’ll find that the actual protein content in dried food is much, much less, but not so in this one by AATU.  You’ll get 80% of protein in it, although the price does reflect the quality of the food.  As you know if you’re reading this far, good dog food with no fillers is not going to be as cheap as some of the dog food around.


  • High protein content, especially for dry foods – 80%
  • Some different varieties, including puppy food
  • resealable bag


  • quite expensive, but the quality is there


See more reviews and the latest price on Amazon here


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