What’s the best retractable dog lead?

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Retractable or extending dog leads are one of my best purchases over the years.  I love to walk with my dog, but often where we live it’s not safe enough to let my dogs off the lead completely.  Having an extendable leash just gives that bit more freedom but still enough control should other dogs, cats or other distractions come in to view!  Here’s my reviews and tips when looking for the best retractable dog lead around right now.


What to look for when choosing the best retractable dog lead

Make sure that when you choose your dog leads that you have taken in to account how heavy your dog is and also how active or strong they are.  The lead has to be able to cope with that.  The length of the lead will mean you have less control the longer that it is, and the longer they are the less suitable I find they can be for larger dogs.

Extendable leads often come in either cord or tape varieties.  Again the type and weight of your dog will dictate what you should go for.  Cord leads are often more suitable for smaller dogs. Heavy duty leads will have strong nylon tape.

Also make sure that they feel comfortable in your hands and are easily gripped and used.  The leads I’m reviewing here all have nice simple operations that can be done with one hand.

Did you know that some areas don’t allow dogs to be on an extending lead?  This is due to councils thinking that it’s more likely that owners will clean up after dogs on a short lead.  Seems crazy but true.


Retractable dog lead reviews


Flexi Design Retractable Dog lead

Flexi are a good brand of extendable dog leads (you’ll see a few on this page) and the one above is the one I currently use – it’s been going strong for almost 2 years now and I’ve had zero problems with it.  I just bought it because of the name attached and the small price, expecting it to not last – I have been proven wrong!

(For reference my dog is a 7kg Bedlington Terrier who doesn’t pull very much so it suits us well – we have a small 5m cord version)

When we got this lead I was worried it wouldn’t last at all but it looks as good as the day that I bought it and it’s used every single day.  I’d highly recommend it.



The Flexi Design product comes in a few sizes and options.  You can have cord or tape.  It’s an extremely good value product too being one of the cheaper options out there.  The largest size and tape option will handle a 50kg dog.


One other thing I do like about the Flexi leads are that they have some accessories that fit with the lead – you can buy a poo bag holder and also a LED light that attaches on.  Such a good idea.

See the price of the Flexi Design here


Flexi Vario retractable lead

There’s a few options on this page from Flexi as they are one of the biggest brands around and do make a few different good ones – it will depend on your dog which is best for you.

The Vario lead is similar to the one above but the options are a little more geared towards smaller dogs.

Coming in some different sizes and lead lengths this Vario lead from Flexi is a good choice.  If you have dogs up to 60kg in weight then their heavy duty large one with the 5 metre lead will be suitable.  It also comes in Extra Small (up to 8kg), Small (up to 15kg) and Medium (up to 25kg).  They have a couple of different lengths of lead as well but generally the longer the lead the less weight it will handle so bear that in mind.

They also come in a variety of colours – pink, blue, black, brown, red and turquoise, so plenty to match your or your dog’s outfit!

You can see the range on Amazon here



Flexi Neon flexible dog lead


Another one from flexi and if you’re looking for a good lead for larger dogs that is also an 8m leash length then this is the one for you.  If you have strong and active dogs then this one is also designed specifically for them.  They do a couple of sizes, Medium (up to 25kg), Large (up to 50kg) and Extra Large (50kg+).

The lengths of the leash are 8m although you can get a 10 metre variant in the Large size.

They are slightly more expensive than the others on this page, but this is due to the fact that they are designed for the active and bigger dogs so that they can have the freedom on their walks they want!  If you have one of these dogs you’ll know that a sturdier lead is a must!

I’d say this is the best strong retractable dog lead and if that’s a priority for you then definitely check this heavy duty lead out.  It’s definitely one of the strongest around.

See the latest price of this dog lead here


Pecute Retractable Dog Lead


A lot of the leads around look the same so my tip for you if you’re wondering which one to go for is to check the reviews out on Amazon of what real owners think of them!

This lead from Pecute is a great medium sized extending dog lead.  It’s good for dogs up to 50kg and has a strong nylon tape with a length of 5 metres.  Plenty enough for them to be exploring!

The lead has reflective strips on it which I like – always good if you’re walking out in the dark.

You also get a poo bag box as standard with it.


See more reviews and the latest price on Amazon here


Flexi New Classic Cord Retractable Dog Lead

Another from Flexi – this one is a retractable cord lead so you don’t have a flat tape like many other leads.  Sometimes I’ve found that tapes can get twisted and then the control is gone.  With a cord you don’t have that issue.  I think that cord leads are more suitable for smaller and lighter dogs though and this one comes in three sizes – XS, S and M.

XS is good for dogs (or even cats and rabbits!) up to 8kg and is 3m long.

S is for up to 12kg and is 5m long

M is for up to 20kg and is 8m long (one of the longest dog leads on the page).

They are a very good value dog lead and one that I recommend if you have a smaller dog!

See latest reviews and an updated price on Amazon here

WINSEE retractable dog lead with reflective belt

Finally we have this dog lead from Winsee which despite it’s rather understated appearance is actually a really good dog lead. It comes in a classic black plastic case and the 1.4cm wide tape/belt extends to 16ft (just under 5 metres).

This lead is perfect for small and medium dogs up to around 50kg.

What I also like about this is that the lead has reflective stitching in it which lends a little bit more safety to the lead than just a regular one.  It has an easy to use button operation too – just press the button to stop and pull back to lock.  Then push it forward to unlock.

Check out the reviews of this lead on Amazon here


Of course, this best retractable dog lead article isn’t exhaustive.  In my experience there are a lot of generic extending leads out there which are all a bit same-y if that makes sense – getting a good brand is my biggest tip when looking.  After all, you want to keep your dog safe while on a walk!


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