andis dog clippers review

Andis dog clippers review

I’m a big fan of grooming my dog at home and I have started to become a dab hand at getting his coat just the way I like it.  He was always so afraid of the grooming parlour so as soon as I could I invested in a set of dog clippers so I could keep on top[…]

masterclip dog clippers review

Masterclip dog clippers review

Getting a set of dog clippers that not only can tackle your dogs coat but are a pleasure to use can be tough.  It’s hard to glean information from reviews because so many dogs have different needs as well.  I hope you find our Masterclip dog clippers review helpful as you navigate a simpler life away from the grooming[…]

dog grooming tips

Dog grooming tips

Have you been thinking about grooming your dog at home but you’re not sure where to start?  Here’s some dog grooming tips to get you on the way! Grooming your dog yourself is something I really advocate for many reasons.  Number one is that it is much cheaper than constantly taking your dog to the grooming parlour.  And[…]

best dog shampoo

What’s the best dog shampoo?

Ok, I don’t know about you, but my dogs can just get themselves more muddier than I could ever imagine!  I’ve gone through so many different kinds of dog shampoo over the years trying to keep them looking presentable!  Here’s my thoughts on the best dog shampoo around at the moment, there’s a few different types in here[…]