Andis dog clippers review

I’m a big fan of grooming my dog at home and I have started to become a dab hand at getting his coat just the way I like it.  He was always so afraid of the grooming parlour so as soon as I could I invested in a set of dog clippers so I could keep on top of his crazy coat.  I’m really glad I invested because some of the more cheaper options out there break easily and can be way too noisy for dogs (you can see my review here about the top dog clippers) and one of the best to invest in is this set I’m reviewing today.  I hope you find this Andis dog clippers review helpful and can guide you to making a good choice about some clippers to make hair cutting day a breeze!  Ok, at least not a nightmare!

Our Andis dog clippers review

When looking for a set of dog clippers it’s always good to look at what people who use them each day choose to buy – and quite often professional groomers will choose the Andis range.  They are experts in the dog clippers field (and make clippers for humans and horses too!) and so have designed a really great product with dogs in mind here.

They are so comfortable to use, again if you’re using them all day long you’d want that wouldn’t you?  So if you only need them to trim your own dog you’ll find them really nice, comfortable and lightweight.  They are also really robust too though and definitely feel like a good quality product.


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Powerful but quiet

One of the stand out features of the Andis AGC2 dog clippers is that it has such a powerful motor, yet it’s quiet.  If you have a skittish dog then you know how important a quiet set of trimmers can be!

The motor has 2 speeds and runs at 4000 strokes a minute on high speed and 3400 at low speed.  It’s mains powered which to be honest you do need to keep the power going to the blades – you don’t want them slowing down and getting all caught up!


Selection of blades available

The Andis clipper comes with a No 10 blade which is a fairly short cut at 1.5mm so if you need a different blade to that one you might need to invest in another length.  You can see all of the blades available here.  Best thing to do is to search online for your breed of dog and the recommendations for what length to cut them to.  The No 10 is a good blade though especially if you do need to go quite short with your dogs hair.


Features and specification

  • powerful two speed motor
  • comes with a No 10 blade
  • blades are easily attached
  • Quiet and comfortable to hold
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty
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What others have to say

As well as giving my own views I like to check the internet to get a general view of what people have said about these clippers.

There are quite a lot of positive reviews about this product – the main positive points are that they do not overheat and they make cutting dogs hair so much easier.

The negatives are the price tag – these are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to clippers, especially when you add in buying extra blades.

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Overall these are a significant investment but a really sound one.  If professionals rate them then an amateur groomer is going to love them.  Add up the amount a few trips to the groomer will be and you’ll soon see that they’ll pay for themselves in no time!
The winning feature for me has to be the quietness of the motor.  It really makes for such a stress free grooming session and once you and your dog get confident with them it will be just another day.

Masterclip dog clippers review

Getting a set of dog clippers that not only can tackle your dogs coat but are a pleasure to use can be tough.  It’s hard to glean information from reviews because so many dogs have different needs as well.  I hope you find our Masterclip dog clippers review helpful as you navigate a simpler life away from the grooming parlour!

Our Masterclip dog clippers review

The Masterclip Pedigree Pro dog clippers are a really great product.  Yes, they are on the expensive side and yes there are many options that are so much cheaper, but if you’re serious about saving some money at the dog groomers and want your dog to still look presentable at the end of the day they are a great choice.  You’ll still recoup your money really quickly.

What makes this item stand out from others is that you can get different blades that will suit your dogs coat.  It comes with one standard blade but if you need anything different, for example if your dog has a wiry coat, then you can get that.  They do bespoke blade packs for different breeds too so you can just  search your breed with it on Amazon to see if they have a specific set for you or check out the manufacturers site here.

It also comes with 4 comb guards so you can graduate the length of your cutting – always a good idea.

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Powerful two speed Rotary motor

The motor is a powerful 2 speed of 2300rpm and 2900rpm which means that it can quite happily take the job of a large or small grooming session.  As with many clippers though a longer session has the effect of making them hot so bear that in mind.

It’s mains powered although if you want a more mobile option they do have a battery pack that can be bought so still a good idea for dog shows etc.

High Quality 30F German Steel Blade

The blade that comes as standard with the basic Masterclip dog clippers is a size 30F and it’s made of high quality German steel.  Without a comb guide it will gut to a length of 0.5mm so fairly close – I’d recommend using a come guide unless you want a bald dog!  But if you have a dog that is suffering from matted hair and you need it removed then it would be a good choice.

Masterclip do two different kinds of blades – the F blade (as you get with this model) and a Skip Tooth blade.

F blades have a full row of even teeth and will give a sharp and clean show level finish to your dog’s coat.

Skip tooth blades are used for rough cutting and has wider teeth, suitable for longer coats.  It can thin the coat down and it’s good for dog with wiry and unruly coats such as terriers.

The blades attach and remove really easily and they feel really good quality.  The do have a tendency to get hot though so make sure that you give the clippers a rest on a long grooming session as with all clippers.

Features and specification

  • powerful two speed motor
  • comb guards for 6mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm
  • one high quality steel blade – 30F (0.5mm)
  • 2 year warranty
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What others have to say

As well as giving my own views I like to check the internet to get a general view of what people have said about these clippers.

There are many positive reviews on Amazon on this product and scattered around the various dog breed options available on there.  Most people are praising the clippers for being extremely easy to use and being a good solid product.  Some reviews praise the quietness of the motor while others think they are quite noisy – I guess if your dog is reacting to it then it might feel too noisy overall.

The negatives that seem to come up are that they do get warm so you might need to groom your dog in small chunks of time to let them cool, especially when you’re first getting used to grooming your dog.

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 Overall I think these are a great set of clippers, made much better by the fact that you can get sets for your individual breed if you need it.  Even the basic set, combined with the combs, are a great starter set to get your dog used to being clipped at home and to eventually save you money!

Dog grooming tips

Have you been thinking about grooming your dog at home but you’re not sure where to start?  Here’s some dog grooming tips to get you on the way!

Grooming your dog yourself is something I really advocate for many reasons.  Number one is that it is much cheaper than constantly taking your dog to the grooming parlour.  And if you have more than one dog this is even more powerful!

As well as being cheaper I love dog grooming because it helps to build a really nice bond with my dogs.  I enjoy it and they enjoy it – what more do you need?

  • Start small

If your dog isn’t used to your grooming ideas then start small.  Get him used to it by just brushing him regularly.  Obviously this will depend on your dog breed, some require more brushing than others, but even if you have a really short haired dog I’d still recommend a quick brush once a week or so to get in to a good habit and to give you a chance to look over them for fleas, ticks or even any lumps that might need checked out.

Once you have the brushing sorted, move on to a bath.  Some dogs hate baths, but again, start small.  If you aren’t sure, just get them used to being wet and forego the shampoo for now.  Once they are used to it, or if they are better than you expect, you can start cleaning them!

  • Get good quality grooming products

It goes without saying that cheap clippers might not work as well as some of the better branded or more professional dog clippers.  Don’t skimp on what you use on your dog – it will make the job much more pleasant to have good tools and products.

  • Have yourself a list of things you should do each week/month so you don’t forget

I do this myself so I don’t forget to apply flea treatment or to make sure I clip their nail regularly.  It just keeps me in check.

  • Go to a dog grooming class

There are many evening classes around to help you learn how to groom your dog.  If you want to increase your confidence then these would be a great idea.


Best dog clippers to buy and use at home – from cheap to professional

Taking your dog on a trip to the dog groomers can not only be a bit expensive, but for some dogs can also be a stress inducing ordeal that makes life really unpleasant!  If that’s the case for you and you’re reading this article you’re likely looking for advice on the best dog clippers to buy so that you can save some money and save some anxiety – from both you and your dog!

What to look for in dog grooming clippers

You’ve decided you want to give grooming your dog at home a go and so the first thing you need is some clippers right?  Should be simple enough!  Before you dive straight in and buy the first set, here’s some things to consider:

  • does it come with different blades?  Or different guard sizes?  Do you need to buy them separately?
  • what kinds of fur coats is it good with, thick, thin, wiry? – check the reviews.  Depending on your dog breed there can often be different blades to buy.
  • is the shaver corded or cordless
  • how noisy are they?  They might freak out your dog if too noisy so look for quiet dog clippers
  • how does it cope with a long grooming session?  Many models can overheat so be wary of that.  It may not be a worry if you have a small dog but a large dog will take longer and needs to be able to handle that.

When grooming your dog my advice is to try and stick with what the professionals use no matter what tool you’re buying – these are tried and tested and if your budget allows this is almost always the best option.


Best dog clippers – my reviews

Wahl Multi Cut Mains Dog Clipper Set

Best budget dog clippers

This set from Wahl is one of the top rated dog clippers around at the moment and when you consider the cost of them it’s really saying something.

It’s a corded trimmer set which I personally like as it means the power is consistent and it comes with 4 different sized comb attachments for the clippers which give the variable length when trimming.

You also get an instructional dvd so if you’re a complete beginner this would really help you out!  It’s all packed together in a nice little carry case too.

Reviews of these dog clippers are really favourable with people complimenting how quiet they are and that they are easy to use.  Not complicated at all!


  • Inexpensive
  • Instructional dvd
  • fairly quiet
  • easy to use


  • heavy
  • can get hot if on for too long

Check out the latest price of these by clicking the link below:


Andis Agc Super 2-speed Professional Animal Clippers

Best professional dog clippers – top rated

Andis is the set to have if you’re after a professional standard set of pet clippers.  It’s recommended by both home users and professional dog groomers alike and they are an excellent set.  Unfortunately the price tag reflects that, however if you regularly go to the groomers it won’t take long to recoup the costs, even less if you have more than one dog, and you’ll have a long lasting bit of equipment too.  (See my in depth review here)

The Andis is a really lovely set of clippers and my personal favourite of the ones I’ve tried.  Because they are so well made and cut so well, that I can groom my dog in half the time and so I’ve found they don’t overheat.  So if you’re new to it all and taking your time with grooming then you can know they’ll not get too hot.  When I’ve had clippers in the past that did this I’d end up with a half clipped dog while I waited for them to cool down!  Not a good look!

You only get one size blade with the base set which is a No 10 size – it leaves 1.6mm of hair, fairly short!  If you’re unsure about which blade to get for your breed take a look at this page which has a chart of some recommended sizes.


  • professional grade equipment
  • long lasting
  • very quiet
  • excellent and quick results


  • on the expensive side
  • only one blade included – if you need other sizes you need to get them separately


Masterclip Pedigree Pro Professional Dog Clipper Set

Best value dog grooming clippers

Another set that is on the higher end of the price scale, although not quite as high is this one from Masterclip.  It’s a really good quality set and comes with 4 comb guards as well so no need to be buying more for different lengths.  You get all that you need in one set.  For the price you get a seriously good value set that is edging towards the professional dog hair clippers.

It has a two speed motor, is corded and also comes with a 2 year warranty so you can be sure that if something goes wrong they should be able to sort it.  (See my in depth review here)


  • 4 guard combs included
  • 2 year warranty


  • on the expensive side


Oneisall Rechargeable Cordless Professional Dog Clipper Kit

Best cordless dog clippers 

This is my favourite of the cordless dog clippers that are rechargeable and cheap.  The set is a really good value kit including a whole heap of accessories too so if you’re a beginner with no grooming tools it would be a good starter set.

You get the clippers and 4 guide combs which allow you to cut the hair to different lengths, some scissors, a metal comb and also some nail clippers too.  Being small and rechargeable is a plus with these as they are good to have on hand should you need to do a quick cut one time.


  • inexpensive
  • lightweight
  • comes with accessories so a good starter set


  • slightly cheap feel to them


When looking for dog clippers reviews it’s important to bear in mind that we’re all coming from a different place with different breeds, temperaments (both ours and the dogs!) and experience.  I do recommend going for the professional clippers for dogs if you can but if you can only stretch to the cheap dog trimmers then give those a try – you won’t have lost much!

What’s the best dog shampoo?

Ok, I don’t know about you, but my dogs can just get themselves more muddier than I could ever imagine!  I’ve gone through so many different kinds of dog shampoo over the years trying to keep them looking presentable!  Here’s my thoughts on the best dog shampoo around at the moment, there’s a few different types in here so depending on what you’re looking for – sensitive, flea, even dry shampoo – hopefully there will be a good dog shampoo to help you.

A note on choosing the best shampoo for dogs – I always check the reviews on Amazon to see what others have gone for (all my links will take you there) and go for well reputed brands.  It goes without saying though that all dogs are different and have different skin so it might take a while to find something that you get on with.  If they have sensitive skin be extra careful or go for a natural brand.

Best dog shampoo – a good all rounder

Groom Professional Baby Fresh Shampoo

When we was our dogs it’s to get them clean right?  But what we also secretly want is for them to come out smelling wonderful and just like they stepped out of the grooming parlour.  Well if you’re the same, you’re in luck as this is really the best smelling dog shampoo I’ve found – I love it!  It smells just like baby powder and lasts for a good few days after the bath.

It’s actually used by lots of professional groomers and it’s a great all round shampoo that’s suitable from all dogs and for puppies from 8 weeks old.  For the price you’re getting an excellent shampoo and it can last a long time (depending on the size and likelihood of muddiness of your dog!) – the bottle is a little on the small side if I’m honest, but again that might be fine for you if you have a smaller dog and they also do a bulk size bottle too if you like it.

You can see the reviews of this product and the latest price on Amazon here.


Best dog shampoo for sensitive skin

If you have a dog with itchy skin and who seems to be sensitive to all sorts then a good anti-bacterial shampoo might be worth trying – obviously if you’re worried about it seek out vet advice as well.

Aqueos Anti-bacterial dog shampoo

This dog shampoo by Aqueos is a really good option for soothing skin irritations in dogs and I know how hard it is to see them scratch so much – we just want to find something to stop the annoyance and sooth it.

It’s really gentle yet it kills fungus, bacteria and also viruses.  There’s also a deodorising aspect to it as well so if you have a dog that likes to roll around in really stinky things then it’s great for getting rid of that long lasting smell too.

You can see more reviews on Amazon here.


Best dry shampoo for dogs

Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Shampoo

Oh my, this one was a life changer for me when I discovered it.  You know how it is, you’re off out for a long walk in a new area that you’ve driven to and bam, they find the horse poo!  You’re stuck with that smell all the way home!  Well, not us any more after we started keeping this in the car.

Ok, it doesn’t get rid of big lumps of stuff – maybe keep some dog wipes handy for that – but it’s super simple to use.  You simply spray it on and towel dry it off.  It has a lovely blueberry muffin smell too which makes those journeys home that little bit better than the smell of wet dog!  It’s also a good sized bottle and lasts quite a while.

You can take a look at this item on Amazon here.


Best flea shampoo for dogs

Vetzyme JDS Insecticidal Shampoo

If your dog is infested with fleas it’s important to get rid of them as fast as possible, not only for your dog’s well being, but also so that they don’t spread them around.  I definitely recommend having this item in the cupboard even if you don’t use it regularly and just to have if you need it.

Of course it can also be used as a deterrent to getting fleas as well and not just to remove them.  It’s suitable for all dogs and for puppies from 3 months old.  It has a nice natural antiseptic smell and works really well.

You can see more about this shampoo on Amazon here.


Best natural dog shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Itch Relief Pet Shampoo

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in your house and what your dog comes in to contact with then this green shampoo from Earthbath is well worth considering (as are the other items in their range).  If you’re finding that your dog reacts to the chemicals in shampoo as well you might find that a much more natural shampoo will work better.

It’s completely natural, ph balanced and soap free and the ingredients are specially formulated to be soothing for dogs skin and to stop them itching.  It’s suitable for puppies from the age of 6 weeks too.

Check this item out on Amazon here.


If you’re inspired and want to save more money by also clipping your dog at home, check out some of the best dog clippers.