Dog rocks review – does it really work?

There’s a sure fire way to tell that your dog spends his time urinating on the garden and that’s by the patches of dead grass that start to appear.  Sometimes, no matter how often you try to get your dog to wee on his walks, he still does it!  I can truly sympathise!  There is a product that[…]

best dog ramp

Best dog ramp for cars, 4x4s and SUVs

If you go out with your dog in the car you might be thinking about getting a dog ramp.  They can be a great idea especially if your dog is old, prone to injuries or simply if you have a car that is quite high up like a 4×4 or an SUV.  This article is looking at the[…]

best retractable dog lead

What’s the best retractable dog lead?

Retractable or extending dog leads are one of my best purchases over the years.  I love to walk with my dog, but often where we live it’s not safe enough to let my dogs off the lead completely.  Having an extendable leash just gives that bit more freedom but still enough control should other dogs, cats or other[…]

best dog house reviews

Outside dogs? Best dog house reviews

Whether your dog stays outside all the time, just while you’re at work or just likes to be out there any chance he gets, a dog house is a perfect way to protect them from the elements and give them a sleeping or resting space outside.  I’m looking at what’s available and reviewing so you can choose the best[…]