Best pressure washer for patios in the UK 2019

If you’ve got a dog and a patio then you’ll know that that keeping it clean is one of life’s chores!  A pressure washer is high on my necessities list because we do have a patio and if we don’t keep on top of it it starts to smell – not pleasant!  It took us a while to find the right one though so I figured having a list to help you choose the best pressure washer for patios would be a helpful thing.

If you don’t have time to read the whole review – check out my best choice of jet wash which is either of the Kärcher washers in this article.  You can see the one I like here, although if you have small patio the K2 version might suit you as well.

How to choose which pressure washer to buy

how to clean a patio when you have dogsWhats size home pressure washer to buy?  If it’s to clean a patio and you have a huge area, then a more robust model might be worthwhile getting.  If you have only a small section to clean and maybe a little patio furniture, then a cheaper and smaller model might be sufficient.

What pressure?  The cheaper models will not have the amount of pressure as the more expensive ones.  This might not be a big issue to you though as long as it does the job!

Cost – the cost can range from about £50 for very basic pressure washers all the way to £250+.  Again, your usage will determine what cost represents good value.  If a cheap pressure washer won’t last with the amount of work you have planned it won’t be the best value!

What do you plan to clean? Is it just some concrete flags?  Or do you have plans to clean all sorts from your car to your patio furniture?  Check that the washer you want will cope with what you want to clean.

Does it have any accessories?  Lots come with a patio cleaning head which helps apply the cleaning fluid – you can also get car accessories too.

Best pressure washer – my reviews


Kärcher K4 Compact Home Water-cooled pressure washer

Best Karcher pressure washer

This is the first of my Karcher pressure washer reviews (skip to the bottom to see a cheaper K2 version).  If you’ve spent any time at all looking at power washers you’ll know that not only are Karcher a really good brand, but that there are also a myriad of options to choose from just within their range.  You can go really cheap, get the basic with accessories at all for about £50, or you can spend much much more.  This one is a middle range option that I think is great for anyone wanting to clean their patio well and have a machine that will last a long time.

It’s a water cooled motor which allows it to more efficiently cool down as you’re using it and mean that it shouldn’t overheat. The pressure of this one is 130 bar.

The patio cleaner attachment makes cleaning your stone flags a breeze and means you don’t get splashed as well.  It can also be used on vertical surfaces as well – so doors or garages.

You get with the K4, the T350 patio cleaner, a dirtblaster (a rotary nozzle), a variable pressure lance, a 6m high pressure hose and also a bottle of stone detergent.


Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure washer

Best budget pressure washer

I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of this brand before but they are definitely well liked and the reviews of this item show this.

The pressure washers from Nilfisk are in the budget range and they have a few different models without a huge price tag so if you’re on a budget definitely check these out.

This model is a compact version and comes with a patio cleaner too.  The motor is air cooled and the pressure is 110 bar.  You get 2 different nozzles with it, the patio cleaner and also a detergent bottle that foams up any cleaner.


Vax P86-P2-P Pressure Washer

Best high pressure washer

This product has the highest pressure out of all the ones on this page at 140 bar and it comes from Vax who are more well known for making vacuum cleaners.

This is an excellent value high pressure washer, not only do you get an extremely powerful machine, but you also get with it a whole heap of accessories.  A patio cleaner is included, along with detergent and you also get a car cleaning kit too so a double whammy!

On the downside, it could do with somewhere to keep all the attachments – they have a likelihood of getting lost!


Bosch AQT 35-12 Plus Pressure Washer

Bosch are a big name in power tools so you’d expect that a water pressure cleaner by them would be as good as their other things.  This one doesn’t disappoint and at 120 bar has a decent pressure suitable for most every day tasks such as patio cleaning!

One thing about this power washer that is different is that it doesn’t have a load of accessories that can get lost.  It has a 3 in 1 nozzle that can be adjusted rather than changing every time to want to do something different.  I like that.  Less chance to lose them!  You also get the patio cleaner head with this model as well.

It’s a good model and for the price I think it’s great value.  You can see more reviews on Amazon by clicking the link below


Kärcher K2 Compact Home Air-cooled pressure washer

Best small pressure washer

I’m going to end with another Karcher washer – they are one of the best brands available and they do have a good range that cater to many price points and this one definitely deserves the spot as the best value Karcher pressure washer.  At under £100 it’s going to be cheaper than hiring something and will work really well for smaller patios or just cleaning once in a while.

The downsides to this one, especially compared to the more expensive one I spoke about above is that it’s air cooled, which isn’t as efficient as water cooling and so it heats up more quickly and can overheat if you’re using it a while and are not being careful.

The pressure isn’t as high either, 110 bar, but in saying that it still gives some really good results as you’ll see from the many positive reviews on Amazon.

You get with this one, a patio cleaning brush, a dirtblaster (a rotary nozzle), a one way lance, a 4 m high pressure hose and also a small bottle of patio and deck wash cleaning fluid.  Being on the small side it’s also a good portable pressure washer.

For the price and also bearing the Karcher name I think this one is an excellent budget pressure washer.


Dog rocks review – does it really work?

There’s a sure fire way to tell that your dog spends his time urinating on the garden and that’s by the patches of dead grass that start to appear.  Sometimes, no matter how often you try to get your dog to wee on his walks, he still does it!  I can truly sympathise!  There is a product that claims to help prevent the urine patches – dog rocks.  So what are they, do they work or are they a waste of time?  I plan to answer all in this Dog Rocks review -read on…

Dog Rocks Urine Patch Preventer – our review

I was really excited to give these dog rocks a go – I mean I’m all for natural ways of living along side our dogs and this is the main sell of this product.  A natural way to prevent the pee patches appearing on your lawn – too good to be true?

What are Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks are basically a special kind of rock that the makers have imported all the way from Australia.  The rocks help draw out the impurities in your dogs urine that are the causes of the patches.  It draws out tin, ammonia and nitrates, among other things – it’s actually too much nitrogen which burns the grass and kills it.

How do Dog Rocks work?

It’s really easy to use Dog Rocks – you simply place them in your dogs drinking bowl and add the water to the bowl.  What it does is draw out and filters the impurities in the water that also causes the urine to kill off the grass.  In fact, they say that without the impurities that it actually helps fertilise the lawn!

What it doesn’t do is alter the PH of the water or of your dog’s urine and it’s completely safe for dogs to drink the water the rocks have been in.

The dog rocks last for around 8 weeks and then they need replaced so they are an ongoing cost which needs to be born in mind, however if you want to get rid of those unsightly patches on your lawn you might agree that it’s worth it.

Check the latest price on Amazon here


Do Dog Rocks actually work?

Well, this is the big question!   I have to say that the internet world is mixed on whether they do work or not – they are certainly a bit marmite with people and I have done a lot of research on these.  Dog owners either feel like they have found a miracle product or that they are the biggest waste of time going.  Your mileage may vary is definitely a phrase that comes to mind.

What we found is that it took a little while for our lawn to recover from the dog burn patches – of course, the grass was dead!  We didn’t find any new patches but I think it might take a while for our lawn to look amazing again.  I do think they have made a difference though and we’re really happy to have a much nicer garden to sit out in now.  I wish I’d taken photos at the beginning so I could compare!

For the price I definitely think they are worth a go – it’s cheaper than the cure to your lawn!  I’d suggest not expecting to wake up to a lush green lawn the day after using them, obviously that isn’t going to happen, but be patient and see how it goes.


See more reviews on Amazon here


Best dog ramp for cars, 4x4s and SUVs

best dog rampIf you go out with your dog in the car you might be thinking about getting a dog ramp.  They can be a great idea especially if your dog is old, prone to injuries or simply if you have a car that is quite high up like a 4×4 or an SUV.  This article is looking at the best dog ramp for cars and I hope you find it helpful if you’re looking for advice on buying one.

Why consider getting a dog ramp?

Some dogs jump in and out of cars with ease, but others really struggle.  It could be that their joints and muscles aren’t up to it, perhaps they are getting old or have been injured in the past, or it could be that they are scared of the height, the jump or maybe the aren’t big enough to reach.  If a dog has jumped and hurt themselves in the past it can cause anxiety when trying to then get them in and out of the car.

Having a dog ramp is a good idea for many reasons then.  The first is that it really helps to minimise injuries and any stress and anxiety from accidents.  Some dogs are prone to getting joint problems like arthritis and those might be even more better to refrain from big jumps regularly.

Older dogs simply can’t always do the big jumps that they could do when younger so a ramp helps them get in to the car while not needing help.

Finally, some dogs are so big that if they can’t get themselves in you could cause injury to yourself by trying to lift them!  In my opinion, if you can, get a dog ramp in the car.  You never know when you might find your dog struggling to get in or out.

What to look for in the best pet ramp?

Not all ramps are the same and your priorities will likely be different depending on the kind of dog you have, his personality and also what kind of car you have.

  • Look for some form of grip on the ramp.  If your car is high up then it’s going to be steep and your dog needs to be comfortable walking on it.
  • Easily portable – you can get large sets of steps but I wouldn’t recommend them for constant use in the car (I’ll be reviewing some of these soon as well – keep an eye out)
  • Foldable – space might be an issue for you and if so you might need to make sure they fold to a good size.
  • Suitable for your dogs weight – if you have a small dog then your worries won’t be as much here but large dogs need to have a ramp that will take their weight.
  • Long enough – the higher your tailgate the longer you’ll need the ramp otherwise it will be too steep.  Get a tape measure and see how steep it will be from your car before buying.
  • Wide enough – if your dog is nervous you’ll want to make sure that it’s wide enough that he feels comfortable walking on it.
  • Most ramps also have raised edges or rails at the side – these are important so that your dog doesn’t inadvertently place their foot too close to the edge and it also can give some comfort to dogs who are nervous.
  • Best dog ramp – our reviews

Trixie Pet Ramp

The Trixie Pet ramp is a good all round ramp that would be suitable for most general cars.  If you have a car with a high tailgate then you might find that it’s a little steep for it.  The measurements of the ramp are 40cm wide by 156cm long.

It comes in a black plastic with moulded rails along the side which will allow your dog to safely walk up or down without his feet getting too close to the edge.  The ramp has a rough surface to grip which is a little like sandpaper.

It’s a bi-fold design to easily fit in a car boot.

It’s suitable for dogs up to 90kg.

Check the latest price here


Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp

This dog ramp from Pet Gear is a really strong and sturdy option.  It’s a trip-fold design so it folds down fairly small.

The dimensions of this ramp when fully extended are 71″ x 19.5″ (approx 180cm x 50cm) so it’s much longer than the Trixie one mentioned previously and also slightly wider.  PetGear state that this will take a dog up to 200lbs which is around 90kg.

It has a good non slip surface and rubber grippers on the bottom of the ramp so that it doesn’t slip on the ground either.

Check out more reviews here.


Solvit Deluxe Telescopic Dog Ramp

This dog ramp from Solvit is a different design to all the rest because it’s not foldable – it has a telescopic design that enables you to extend it as far as you need.  It will extend from 39″ to 72″ (99cm – 182cm) so suitable if you have different cars with different needs too or simply if you have a little less space to use it

This is the one you need if you’re looking for a dog ramp for big and heavy dogs – it has been tested up to 400lbs (approx 180kg)!

It comes with a really nice traction surface so not slippy at all and has rubber grips underneath for more stability.

It is one of the more pricier in the range but one you can be sure will be up to the job.

Check out the latest price here




What’s the best retractable dog lead?

Retractable or extending dog leads are one of my best purchases over the years.  I love to walk with my dog, but often where we live it’s not safe enough to let my dogs off the lead completely.  Having an extendable leash just gives that bit more freedom but still enough control should other dogs, cats or other distractions come in to view!  Here’s my reviews and tips when looking for the best retractable dog lead around right now.

What to look for when choosing the best retractable dog lead

Make sure that when you choose your dog leads that you have taken in to account how heavy your dog is and also how active or strong they are.  The lead has to be able to cope with that.  The length of the lead will mean you have less control the longer that it is, and the longer they are the less suitable I find they can be for larger dogs.

Extendable leads often come in either cord or tape varieties.  Again the type and weight of your dog will dictate what you should go for.  Cord leads are often more suitable for smaller dogs. Heavy duty leads will have strong nylon tape.

Also make sure that they feel comfortable in your hands and are easily gripped and used.  The leads I’m reviewing here all have nice simple operations that can be done with one hand.

Did you know that some areas don’t allow dogs to be on an extending lead?  This is due to councils thinking that it’s more likely that owners will clean up after dogs on a short lead.  Seems crazy but true.


Retractable dog lead reviews

Flexi Vario retractable lead

Flexi are a good make of extendable dog leads and I’ve used these often when walking my mum’s dog.  There’s a few options on this page from them as they are one of the biggest brands around and do make a few different good ones.

Coming in some different sizes and lead lengths this tape lead from Flexi is a good choice.  If you have dogs up to 60kg in weight then their heavy duty large one with the 5 metre lead will be suitable.  It also comes in Extra Small (up to 8kg), Small (up to 15kg) and Medium (up to 25kg).  They have a couple of different lengths of lead as well but generally the longer the lead the less weight it will handle so bear that in mind.

They also come in a variety of colours – pink, blue, black, brown, red and turquoise, so plenty to match your or your dog’s outfit!

You can see the range on Amazon here



Flexi Neon flexible dog lead

Another one from flexi and if you’re looking for a good lead for larger dogs that is also an 8m leash length then this is the one for you.  If you have strong and active dogs then this one is also designed specifically for them.  They do a couple of sizes, Medium (up to 25kg), Large (up to 50kg) and Extra Large (50kg+).

The lengths of the leash are 8m although you can get a 10 metre variant in the Large size.

They are slightly more expensive than the others on this page, but this is due to the fact that they are designed for the active and bigger dogs so that they can have the freedom on their walks they want!  If you have one of these dogs you’ll know that a sturdier lead is a must!

I’d say this is the best strong retractable dog lead and if that’s a priority for you then definitely check this heavy duty lead out.  It’s definitely one of the strongest around.

See the latest price of this dog lead here


GHB Retractable Dog Lead

A lot of the leads around look the same so my tip for you if you’re wondering which one to go for is to check the reviews out on Amazon of what real owners think of them!

This lead from GHB is a great medium sized extending dog lead.  It’s good for dogs up to 50kg and has a strong nylon tape with a length of 5 metres.  Plenty enough for them to be exploring!

The lead has a button with 3 controls on it – short stop, lock and unlock.  It’s all controllable with one hand and is a really easy operation.

The lead comes in different colours too which I always like – you can get red as shown but also purple, black and blue.

See more reviews and the latest price on Amazon here


Flexi New Classic Cord Retractable Dog Lead

Another from Flexi – this one is a retractable cord lead so you don’t have a flat tape like many other leads.  Sometimes I’ve found that tapes can get twisted and then the control is gone.  With a cord you don’t have that issue.  I think that cord leads are more suitable for smaller and lighter dogs though and this one comes in three sizes – XS, S and M.

XS is good for dogs (or even cats and rabbits!) up to 8kg and is 3m long.

S is for up to 12kg and is 5m long

M is for up to 20kg and is 8m long (one of the longest dog leads on the page).

They are a very good value dog lead and one that I recommend if you have a smaller dog!

See latest reviews and an updated price on Amazon here

WINSEE retractable dog lead with reflective belt

Finally we have this dog lead from Winsee which despite it’s rather understated appearance is actually a really good dog lead. It comes in a classic black plastic case and the 1.4cm wide tape/belt extends to 16ft (just under 5 metres).

This lead is perfect for small and medium dogs up to around 50kg.

What I also like about this is that the lead has reflective stitching in it which lends a little bit more safety to the lead than just a regular one.  It has an easy to use button operation too – just press the button to stop and pull back to lock.  Then push it forward to unlock.

Check out the reviews of this lead on Amazon here


Of course, this best retractable dog lead article isn’t exhaustive.  In my experience there are a lot of generic extending leads out there which are all a bit same-y if that makes sense – getting a good brand is my biggest tip when looking.  After all, you want to keep your dog safe while on a walk!

The best dog boots that stay on and all year round paw protection

Dog boots are a great idea for more than just wet weather.  They can be useful for all sorts of situations – perhaps an injured paw, slippery floors indoors, walking in snow and of course long walks in the wet.  The problem often comes with finding the best dog boots that stay on your dog’s paws!  I’ll be looking at some of the best boots for dogs in this article as well as looking at some of the paw protection creams and waxes that might help sore paws.


The best dog boots that stay on!

Trixie Walker Care Protective Boots

These simple boots by Trixie come well recommended as shoes that stay on your dogs feet!  They are made of neoprene with a fake leather sole.  Velcro keeps the boots on and tight around the ankle – what you definitely need!

They can really help keep your dog active if they’ve managed to hurt a paw without risking infection from muddy ground.  Highly recommended.

Check out the reviews on Amazon here.


Vibrant Fellow Paw Protector Dog Boots

I’m in love with the funky colour of these boots!  But more than their good looks, these boots are really good at staying where they should be when put on.  They have waterproof soles and velcro straps which allow them to be pulled tightly to stop them slipping off.

These ones are good for small dogs and they have a medium size available too.  I like these as they are quite lightweight and perfect for having on inside too.

Check the latest price and more reviews on Amazon.


Pawz waterproof dog boots

These rubber dog boots are slightly different to the others as they don’t require any fastenings to keep them on.  The rubber is tighter at the top and will grip to the dogs skin stopping them from falling off.  They seem to be like little doggie wellies, but that they can actually walk in!

The come in many sizes so suitable for all kinds of dogs.

For more size information and latest price see here.


Best dog paw protection

If your dog gets sore paws, either in general or because of an injury then getting some paw protection creams or waxes might help to heal any blisters, tender skin or cracked paws or provide protection.  Here’s some of the good brands on the market right now and my reviews of them.


Mushers Secret Paw Protector Wax

This paw protector wax from Mushers is one of the best sellers on Amazon and is a 100% natural wax.  It’s good for keeping your dog’s paws healthy when walking on hot sand, ice, or gritted roads.  I’d say it’s more of a preventative wax rather than helping already sore paws.

It’s a good alternative to wearing boots, so if you’re struggling to keep them on your dog then a protective wax could help provide the same benefit.  Once applied, depending on the activity of your dog, the wax can last quite a few days

To see this product on Amazon click here.


Shaws Paw Wax

This is another protection wax for paws rather than a healing one.  It’s a great budget option and is really good for helping dogs with slippery floors.  The wax provides more grip which then will help your dog feel more comfortable and make them less likely to injure themselves – you’d be surprised how many dogs get treated by vets for leg injuries on smooth floors!  It’s also great on slippery surfaces outside so when it’s icy give this a try!

To find out more click here.


Natural Dog Company Paw Soother

Unlike the above products, this balm is less as a preventative measure but more to heal and soothe sore or injured paws.  It’s an all vegan and natural product so you don’t need to worry about them getting ill if they lick them – and you know they will!  For dry, cracked paws this will really help to make them smooth and pain free.

To see more reviews and latest price click here.


Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter

This paw butter from Pet Head is another balm that soothes sore paws.  It’s safe for dogs and they won’t get ill if it’s licked, the ingredients are free from parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulphate and DEA.  If your dog is suffering from dry and cracked paws it’s a great healing product.

To see more about this product click here.

What’s the best no pull dog harness on the market?

Having a dog that is constantly pulling can turn what should be a lovely walk in the park in to a nightmare.  It feels like it should be the simplest of things to correct but often it’s incredibly tricky.  In order to enjoy walks more and to hopefully help your dog to stop pulling an anti pull dog harness might be something to try out.  They work in lots of cases and I’ve definitely seen a change in behaviour when I’ve used them.  I’m going to be looking at the best no pull dog harness and also some tips on how to choose.

How to choose the best no pull dog harness

When searching for a good dog harness you might want to consider the following:

How adjustable is it?  Will it fit your dog?

can the harness be left on while they’re having a run around?

Does the lead attach to the front or the back?

How easy to use and put on is it?  Is there a front clip or does it attach on their tummy?

Is it escape proof?  A harness is useless if your dog can wiggle out of it.

Make sure it’s comfortable and doesn’t choke your dog too.

The most effective no pull dog harness for walking will be one that is comfortable to use and that is easy.  If it’s a pain to get on and off, leading to a grumpy dog (and owner) you’ll be less likely to use it, so ease of use is always at the top of my list.

No pull dog harness reviews

COA Non-pull Harness

Best anti pull dog harness – most popular

This is one of the bestsellers in the UK at the moment.  The Company of Animals harness claims to stop pulling instantly and it certainly does work that well for some dogs.  It has a lot of good reviews from really happy dog owners who have had their walks transformed.

It has padded areas where the harness goes under your dogs legs as this can be an area that gets rubbed which is great and it can be left on while the dog is off for a run and having a play around.  It’s a fairly inexpensive bit of kit so a good budget dog harness, nice and simple to use and comes in three different sizes for different breeds.

Check out this product on Amazon here.

Halti harness

The Halti harness is another of the dog training harnesses by the Company of Animals.  The Halti is a very simple design, being one strap that goes around the dogs ribcage and another that goes round the front of the chest.  You then attach a double ended lead (not included although they do make one that works well with it) which helps to guide and control the dog.

Again there are three different sizes for you to choose from depending on the type of dog that you have.

Check out the Halti on Amazon here.


Fit into everyway dog harness

Best rated dog harness

This is a much more substantial harness than the ones previously reviewed.  Available in 3 colours, green, black or orange this is a great harness for keeping your dog seen as well as for helping to train it to heel.  It has reflective piping on the harness so if you do a lot of walking at night then it’s perfect to make sure they are seen.

It can be a front attaching dog harness or you can attach your lead to the back depending on how you want it and there’s even a loop handle that can be used in conjunction with a car seatbelt so that it can double up as a car harness.

I really like this one for being extremely sturdy so if you feel like you want more than just the basic webbing, this might be a good one to try.

For more reviews and latest price check on Amazon here.


Sinbury Red Adjustable harness vest

Best harness for large breeds

If you want a nice sturdy harness but one that doesn’t seem too big and obtrusive for your dog this one from Sinbury is a great choice.  It comes in black or red and I really like it because it is simple yet effective.

It’s nicely padded at the front and at the back and with a strap that goes under the dogs belly.  The lead attaches to the back of the harness.

Available in a few different sizes too depending on the breed of your dog – be sure to measure rather than guess!

Check out more reviews and latest price here.


Outside dogs? Best dog house reviews

Whether your dog stays outside all the time, just while you’re at work or just likes to be out there any chance he gets, a dog house is a perfect way to protect them from the elements and give them a sleeping or resting space outside.  I’m looking at what’s available and reviewing so you can choose the best dog house for your best friend.

Tips on choosing the best outdoor dog house

When choosing your ideal dog house the first thing you must make a decision on is the material that it’s made from.  The options are generally wood and plastic and both have their plus points.  A plastic dog house will generally be cheaper, lighter, easier to clean and can also be used indoors easily enough should you want to.  A wooden dog house is much more insulated and tends to be more sturdier too, so if you’re looking to get something for winter use that might be a good option.

The next thing to consider is the size.  You want it to be just the right size, too small and they’ll be uncomfortable, too big and they might get cold inside.  Your dog should be able to get in, walk around and stretch out easily.

Dog house reviews


Best plastic dog houses

First up is this plastic kennel from Starplast.  It’s a very basic design and the plastic panels clip together easily making this a really quick job to assemble.

It’s a really sturdy large dog house and is available in 2 colours – the beige and green version above and also a mocha colour.  I’d say it’s suitable for medium to large dogs and the dimensions are approximately 78 x 84.5 x 80.5 cm.

Click here to see more about this dog house on Amazon


If the dog house above is too small for your dog then this one from Easipet is another well rated plastic kennel.  It’s suitable for smaller sized dogs and the dimensions are 75cm depth x 59cm width x 66cm high.

It’s a really cute little dog house in white with a blue roof with plenty of ventilation holes so they don’t get too hot and stuffy inside.  It can be used inside or outside and is really good budget option.

To see more, including reviews and the latest price check Amazon here.


This Ferplast Dogvilla is available in 3 different sizes so you should be able to find something for your dog unless they are really large (some reviews say the largest size is too small for their dogs).

It has an off centre door which has an aluminium frame within so is chew proof.  What I also like about this product is that there are some extra options that you can buy.  You can get a plastic door to add to it and also further insulation panels.

Sizes are as follows:

70 – 73 x 59 x 53cm

90 – 88 x 72 x 65cm

110 – 100 x 79 x 84 cm

Check out reviews and latest prices here.


Best wooden dog houses

This wooden dog house is a lovely traditional design with a slightly off centre door giving a bigger bit of protection at one side.  It’s well made with good quality, but light oiled wood.

It’s available in three different sizes so should be fine no matter what kind of dog you have.  The dimensions are as follows:

small – 77 x 54 x 66.5cm

medium – 88 x 65 x 76cm

large – 95 x 75 x 83cm

I’d say this was a really good option if you’re looking for a budget wooden kennel – check the link below for the latest prices.

You can see more on Amazon here.


If you need an extra large dog house then this one from Kennels Imperial comes well rated and is a really good option.  It’s also a good insulated dog house – as well as the wood being a good form of insulation, it also has a layer of styrofoam in-between the outside wood and plywood inside.

The dimensions of this dog house are as follows: external – 116cm (46″) Width x 79cm (31″) (Depth) x 81cm (32″) Height, internal – 103cm (41″) Width x 65cm (26″) Depth x 71cm (28″) Height.

It’s well made and easy to fit together, an excellent large dog kennel for dogs that like to sleep outside.

Check the reviews on Amazon here.


If you’re after a nice luxury dog house that has a sweet little porch area for your dog to enjoy the shade then this summerhouse is a lovely bit of kit.    It has the traditional dog sleeping area but also has a veranda out front for lazing on – perfect if you are worried about them getting enough shade on a hot day.

One downside about this item is that it’s a bit trickier to clean than some of the other ones on this page.

Check out this item on Amazon here.

The best dog camping gear – what you need and what you don’t!

Camping is such a great holiday idea when you have dogs.  You’ll no doubt find out very quickly that you’re very limited in holiday options once you have your furry friend.  It’s tempting to go out and buy a lot of specialist stuff for your trip, so I wanted to do a guide to the best dog camping gear around and what you definitely need.

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The best dog camping gear you can’t do without

Tie out cable

Having a way to allow your dog to have a bit of freedom without you always needing to be holding on to them is essential for a stress free camping holiday with your dog.  This tie out cable from Rosewood is 30ft long so provides ample room for your dog to wander and not feel like he’s being watch all the time, while still being contained.

You could attach it to something heavy like your chair if you’re sitting on it, but a better option is to have a ground stake (see below).

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Ground stake

A ground stake is another essential bit of gear for camping with your dog.  It’s a corkscrew metal stake which securely goes in to the ground and can have a leash attached to it.  You could use a normal leash, but you might find it a bit restrictive for your dog – a better bet is something like the one above that has a metal core and can’t be chewed through.

It’s small and takes up hardly any space which when you’re camping is so handy!  I couldn’t live without this when we go away.

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Towels – lots of them!

If you happen to have muddy and wet weather, and let’s face it with our UK summers it’s kinda likely, then you’ll want a steady supply of towels on hand for wet dogs.

I recommend an old towel to have by the door of your tent or caravan that is solely for muddy feet – both yours and the dogs! and also a couple of other towels to dry off wet fur.  Microfibre towels like this one are great because they really get the water out of your dog’s coat easily and can dry off quickly too – just hang them up in the breeze.  They take up less space than regular towels too which is always a plus.

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A dog first aid kit

If you haven’t already got one set up then a first aid kit for your dog is a good addition to your camping gear – you’ll likely be taking your own human version, so either add to it with enough dog friendly things or get a dedicated one like this one.

It has some bandages, dressings, antiseptic wipes, scissors and a foil blanket amongst some other items.  One thing I’d add to it is some tick removal tools as I’m a bit squeamish about getting those out without them!

You can see more about this first aid kit, plus reviews, here on Amazon.



When you’re camping having your own space is quite a nice idea and it’s essential if your dog might not cope with too many people walking past.  I highly encourage you to have some sort of windbreaks available so that you can in effect make your own territory if you need to.  General beach windbreaks can work well although they can struggle in some ground.  Specific camping windbreaks like this one have mixed reviews because they can be a bit fiddly to work well.  They are much more lightweight than the traditional version so if you’re struggling for space then they are definitely a good idea.

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What you don’t need to camping with your dog (but are nice to have)

These are good buys if you have the room and don’t want to take your items from home.  Maybe you have a caravan and like to have some dedicated dog items stored there so that you always have them with you.

As always, your mileage may vary!  If you want to have these then go for it, but don’t feel like you need them for that first camping trip with your furry friend.

Dog camping bed

Some kind of space for your dog to know is his is a good idea when camping.  Of course you can just take their bed from home, but if you want something different then a fabric crate like this one is a good idea.  It has the added advantage of being a safe and small space that your dog can go in should they need some quiet time.

If you’re going on a long journey you could also use this to keep your dog from moving around too much in the car.

This one is available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes – probably not brilliant for the bigger dog breeds but if you have a small breed then it could be a very good buy.

Check out the reviews on Amazon here.


Collapsible dog bowls

Again these are nice to have when camping due to the fact that they fold down and take up much less room than normal bowls.  I really like this set from Mudder as they come with carabiner clips so that you can attach them to a bag if you’re out for a walk.

They’re small in size so might not be good for larger dogs or if you have a few.

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Dog rain coat

Finally we have a dog rain coat.  Now I love the rain coat we have for our dog and I’ll tell you why – on those days when it’s really bucketing it down we can go for a nice walk and I know that yes he’ll be wet, but he’ll not be absolutely sopping wet.  It means that we’re not completely relying on our towels to get him dry as he’s been protected slightly.

Now if you have a dog that hates the rain (ha! I know they exist!) or a really short haired dog then a rain coat probably won’t be worth the extra space.  But if you are worried about rainy days or have dogs that get cold easily in the rain or just have extra long coats they are a life saver!

This rain coat is a really good one from Muddy Paws – it’s simple, fits over the head and attaches under the dogs tummy.  It’s available in lots of sizes too so check out the sizing chart for information on which size to go for.

You can see more about this dog coat here.


Enjoy your camping trips with your dog and if you have any tips to share please leave them in the comments section!