Dog grooming tips

Have you been thinking about grooming your dog at home but you’re not sure where to start?  Here’s some dog grooming tips to get you on the way!

Grooming your dog yourself is something I really advocate for many reasons.  Number one is that it is much cheaper than constantly taking your dog to the grooming parlour.  And if you have more than one dog this is even more powerful!

As well as being cheaper I love dog grooming because it helps to build a really nice bond with my dogs.  I enjoy it and they enjoy it – what more do you need?

  • Start small

If your dog isn’t used to your grooming ideas then start small.  Get him used to it by just brushing him regularly.  Obviously this will depend on your dog breed, some require more brushing than others, but even if you have a really short haired dog I’d still recommend a quick brush once a week or so to get in to a good habit and to give you a chance to look over them for fleas, ticks or even any lumps that might need checked out.

Once you have the brushing sorted, move on to a bath.  Some dogs hate baths, but again, start small.  If you aren’t sure, just get them used to being wet and forego the shampoo for now.  Once they are used to it, or if they are better than you expect, you can start cleaning them!

  • Get good quality grooming products

It goes without saying that cheap clippers might not work as well as some of the better branded or more professional dog clippers.  Don’t skimp on what you use on your dog – it will make the job much more pleasant to have good tools and products.

  • Have yourself a list of things you should do each week/month so you don’t forget

I do this myself so I don’t forget to apply flea treatment or to make sure I clip their nail regularly.  It just keeps me in check.

  • Go to a dog grooming class

There are many evening classes around to help you learn how to groom your dog.  If you want to increase your confidence then these would be a great idea.


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