Dog rocks review – does it really work?

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There’s a sure fire way to tell that your dog spends his time urinating on the garden and that’s by the patches of dead grass that start to appear.  Sometimes, no matter how often you try to get your dog to wee on his walks, he still does it!  I can truly sympathise!  There is a product that claims to help prevent the urine patches – dog rocks.  So what are they, do they work or are they a waste of time?  I plan to answer all in this Dog Rocks review -read on…

Dog Rocks Urine Patch Preventer – our review

I was really excited to give these dog rocks a go – I mean I’m all for natural ways of living along side our dogs and this is the main sell of this product.  A natural way to prevent the pee patches appearing on your lawn – too good to be true?

What are Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks are basically a special kind of rock that the makers have imported all the way from Australia.  The rocks help draw out the impurities in your dogs urine that are the causes of the patches.  It draws out tin, ammonia and nitrates, among other things – it’s actually too much nitrogen which burns the grass and kills it.

How do Dog Rocks work?

It’s really easy to use Dog Rocks – you simply place them in your dogs drinking bowl and add the water to the bowl.  What it does is draw out and filters the impurities in the water that also causes the urine to kill off the grass.  In fact, they say that without the impurities that it actually helps fertilise the lawn!

What it doesn’t do is alter the PH of the water or of your dog’s urine and it’s completely safe for dogs to drink the water the rocks have been in.

The dog rocks last for around 8 weeks and then they need replaced so they are an ongoing cost which needs to be born in mind, however if you want to get rid of those unsightly patches on your lawn you might agree that it’s worth it.

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Do Dog Rocks actually work?

Well, this is the big question!   I have to say that the internet world is mixed on whether they do work or not – they are certainly a bit marmite with people and I have done a lot of research on these.  Dog owners either feel like they have found a miracle product or that they are the biggest waste of time going.  Your mileage may vary is definitely a phrase that comes to mind.

What we found is that it took a little while for our lawn to recover from the dog burn patches – of course, the grass was dead!  We didn’t find any new patches but I think it might take a while for our lawn to look amazing again.  I do think they have made a difference though and we’re really happy to have a much nicer garden to sit out in now.  I wish I’d taken photos at the beginning so I could compare!

For the price I definitely think they are worth a go – it’s cheaper than the cure to your lawn!  I’d suggest not expecting to wake up to a lush green lawn the day after using them, obviously that isn’t going to happen, but be patient and see how it goes.


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