How to create a dog friendly garden

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Having a garden that is not only a nice have for yourself but is also safe, fun and interesting for your dog to enjoy is the best of both worlds.  Here’s some tips on creating a dog friendly garden for you and your mutt to adore spending time in!

  • keep it clean

Ok, the first one is an important, but boring one.  The best thing you can do to keep your garden being a nice pplace to be is to keep on top of the cleaning of it.  Most likely you’ll find that your dog uses your garden as a toilet and even if you manage to get them to relieve themselves on a walk, you’ll probably still find them marking their territory around the garden every so often.

Of course this can then smell and breed all sorts of nasties.  Depending on the surfaces you need to clean you’ll want something specific to the job.  If you have concrete or wooden decking a pressure washer is a good idea and can make light work of it.  (Check this post for the best pressure washers for patios)

Having some dog friendly cleaning solutions is also really important.  Check the label and go for less toxic varieties if you can.

  • be aware of poisonous dog plants and plant dog friendly varieties

There are a few plants that you’ll want to keep away from if you have dogs.  Even some common plants such as daffodil bulbs can be poisonous and shouldn’t be planted (especially if your dog is a digger)  For a more comprehensive list check this list from the Dogs Trust out.

  • .have plenty of shade or shelter

Having somewhere to escape the elements, whether that’s the sun or rain is important.  If you have a nice big tree casting shade that will not only keep the garden interesting, but it will provide some nice shade.  A dog house might be worth getting if your dog enjoys being outside in all weathers!  It at least gives them their own space to enjoy.

  • make it secure

A secure garden that they can run, play and explore without you needing to worry about them escaping is essential.  If you know it’s secure you can really let them explore at their own pace without needing to have an axis eye over them at all times.  Us being anxious isn’t good for them and they know when we are, so if you can eliminate that all the better.

  • make it interesting

Finally it wants to be an interesting place, perhaps with some different areas to sniff round, toys in the garden they can use and  plenty of space, if you have it, to run around in.  Perhaps you could use the space and teach your dogs some tricks or agility?



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