How to help dogs with sensitive stomachs

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If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach then you’ll know that it can be a pain to manage and to get right.  It’s hard to watch your dog react badly to food, especially if it was expensive or that you’ve just bought a big bag of!  However if, like me, you want your dog to thrive and to get them well and eating it’s worth trying lots of things to see if it will help them.  Here’s some ideas on how to help dogs with sensitive stomachs.  Of course, if you’re worried it might be something more serious and your dog has been vomiting or has had diarrhoea for a couple of days, take your dog to the vet and get him checked over!


Monitor their eating

The first thing that I’d suggest before doing anything drastic is to monitor your dogs eating habits.  Are they eating too quickly and then being sick afterwards?  Are the only eating dog food or are they snaffling left overs from your plate?  Maybe they have a habit of rifling through the bin and eating whatever they get their hands on.

It’s a good idea to just take a look at their current habits because that might show you straight away what the problem is.  If someone is feeding them scraps from their toast then perhaps it’s that which is upsetting them and cutting out the treats might help.


Try a different dog food – good quality

Dogs will sometimes get an upset tummy if you change them from what they are used to, so if you’ve recently changed their food then it might be worth going back to your previous brand and seeing if that helps.

If your dog is not doing good with what they are eating and it;s not because of a recent change then perhaps a better quality dog food will be good for them.

Most current dog foods, especially those in supermarkets, contain a lot of fillers to make them cheap and unfortunately they aren’t the best for their stomachs.  You may find that you’ll need to get better quality food and treats but ultimately it’s worth it for your dog in the long run

When you find something that works – stick with it as much as you can.  Again changing it might bring back an upset tummy.


Try going grain free

Finally – if you’re still not getting anywhere with dog food you could try to go down the grain free dog food route.  Some dogs simply can’t digest grain which is the cause of the stomach upset.  After all, grain is not a really natural substance for them to have in great quantities so it makes sense to try to eliminate it.  Going grain free can really help with sensitive stomachs and is definitely something that is worth trying.  You might even find that going grain free stops all the dog farts from smelling so bad – got to be worth a go huh?

I’ve reviewed some of the best grain free dog foods in the UK to give you a head start on which brands might be worth trying out.


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