How to keep your carpet clean with dogs

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If you live in a carpeted house with your pets then you’ll likely be wondering how to keep your carpet clean with dogs roaming around it all day.  Here’s some top tips to help you combat what could be a smelly situation.

Tips to keep your carpet clean with dogs

  1.  Prevention is the best cure.  Make sure that you have a good door mat at your front and back door to catch wet feet and mud.  Getting your dog in the habit of getting his paws wiped before entering the house is also a good idea.  Just keep an old towel by the door.
  2. Create a good cleaning schedule.  How often you need to vacuum or carpet wash might depend on what dogs you have, their hair and whether they shed or also your time, but having a schedule where you commit to cleaning daily, every other day or whatever suits you will help.
  3. Keep on top of accidents – always clean and deodorise straight away any area where dogs have either had a toilet accident or been sick.  If you don’t it will soak through to the base of the carpet and you’ll struggle to clean it well.  Have on hand an accident cleaning station with all you need to attack the accident spot – bicarbonate of soda is a good natural deodoriser.
  4. Get a good quality vacuum cleaner (you can see my top picks here) – it will really help to pick up the dog hair.
  5. Groom your dogs regularly to help with shedding hair.  A good brush will often pick up any loose hairs and you’ll catch them before they go on the floor.
  6. Shampoo the carpet regularly.  It’s a pain to do sometimes but it’s worthwhile to keep the carpet fresh smelling.  Either get yourself one that you can use from home, hire a professional cleaner to use yourself or get someone in to do it for you.

It’s really worth keeping on top of the carpet as it’s so easy for them to absorb the smells and making your house an unpleasant place.  Carpets are expensive to replace as well so the more you look after them the more you’ll save in the long run.


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