How to look after your dogs teeth

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Your dog can’t tell you when they are having problems with their teeth so it’s up to you to keep an eye on them and make sure that looking after them is a top priority.

Tooth problems in dogs can be indicative of some underlying issues so if there are any concerns at all then do contact your vet and have a word with them about.

Our top tips for looking after your dogs teeth:

  • get your dog used to you being around their mouth so that you can make it a regular check.  If your dog hates it then start small and reward your dog for letting you near them.  Eventually, with some time and patience you should be able to see more inside.
  • Make it a regular check up – every week is good.  If you have a grooming schedule then stick to that and just add in a mouth check up.
  • Dog chews that are specifically for teeth are a good addition for your dogs health – they are especially good if your dog is nervous when you’re around his mouth.
  • Choose dog toys that are good for your dog’s teeth – there are many different options of chewing toys available, some with nodules that help get rid of plaque.  Rope toys can be good and encourage chewing.
  • Dry food is good to be added to your dogs diet as the rough nature of the food helps to clean the teeth.
  • Finally – if your dog will allow it, a good dog toothpaste is a good addition to your grooming routine.  There are many different kinds on the market right now and in addition to a good toothbrush it will help to reduce the build up of plaque and in turn reduce tooth decay in your dog.  Less bad breath is a nice side effect!

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