How to workout with your dog to keep you both fit!

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Getting a dog is an excellent way to keep yourself fit, but if all you ever do is a leisurely stroll to the nearby park with him it won’t be the fat burner that you were expecting!  Exercising with your dog and having them along side you as you do your sports is a great way to bond with your dog and get you both fit at the same time.  But how to workout with your dog?  Well, you need to think about what dogs like and incorporate that in to what you want to do!

Remember that although dogs love to be active, they are just like us and that they will need to work up to the longer activities.  Take your time to increase their stamina and don’t jump head first in to it.  Follow your dogs lead and if they enjoy it, keep it up!

Ideas for a workout with your dog

  • Hiking

If you love getting out for a walk with your dog and want to increase the variety and types of walking then hiking is a good next progression.  Expanding your horizon to more varied terrain, longer trails and hill walking will work different muscles, get a great amount of fresh air in to both of your systems and just get them exercised enough that they aren’t frustrated at home, leading to digging or scratching behaviours.

  • Running

Running is an excellent thing to do with your dog if they have the stamina to keep going with you.  It’s simple, you won’t need much extra equipment (although perhaps a running dog harness will be beneficial) and you can start from your own doorstep.  If you’re used to long runs then maybe go on some smaller runs with your dog first to see how they do and progress from there.

  • Cycling

Much the same as running, cycling allows your dog to run along side you as you ride and is a great way to add a different exercise to your repertoire!  If your dog isn’t a great runner and is small enough you could always get a dog basket for the bike and carry him while you ride!

  • Dog Yoga

Otherwise known as Doga, dog yoga might be a fun thing to try with your pup!  I will admit I haven’t tried it myself but some people find it’s a really good exercise to do together.  Have you tried it?


What’s your favourite way to workout with your dog?  Let me know in the comments!


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