Kurgo car harness review

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When we got our most recent dog Annie we knew we’d be doing lots of travelling in a car with her and so we knew we’d need a good quality car restraint for her.  We ended up getting this one so I knew I’d have to do a review for the site.  I hope you find the Kurgo car harness review helpful if you’re also looking to buy something similar.

Our Kurgo car harness review

Safety was paramount for us when we were looking for something that would be suitable to keep Annie safe in the car.  We knew there were lots of options but we decided to try out a car harness first to see how we got on.  After a false start with another kind we bought from Amazon I stumbled across the Kurgo car harness.


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What I liked about the harness was that it was specifically designed for use in cars and it was crash tested.  That made me think that it would be the perfect choice for us – I wanted something well made, that would last a long time and most importantly would keep us all safe if we were to be in an accident.



Many sizes but also an adjustable harness

The harness comes in many sizes from X-small all the way up to X-large and can accomodate dogs from 2-47kg.  There are a few different measurements you’ll want to check before you order.  My advice is to definitely take your time to make sure you get the right size at first.  I have suffered so often in the past because of this but thankfully managed to get the right one this time.  (We ordered the Small size for a fairly petite Bedlington Terrier.)

The harness is easily adjusted and has 5 very simple adjustment points so you can get the right fit.


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Easy to put on

If you’ve a dog that can get a bit stressed when you start putting on harnesses and the like then you’ll be pleased to know that the fixing points of the harness are really easy to use.

Simply put the harness over the dogs head and then bring the straps around the belly and up to the back.  The Kurgo has special fasteners that simply slot into the other side but since they are made of metal will be really strong.  I’m glad they weren’t the clip on fasteners as I always worry I’m going to nip her skin.

Sometimes it takes me a while to remember which way the fastener goes in but if it doesn’t work you simply turn it round – no fuss.


Car seat belt attachment

Another thing we saw when looking for car seat harnesses was a universal clip that went into the seat buckle – we didn’t want that.  Unfortunately our car wasn’t compatible with them so we needed an alternative.  The Kurgo car harness came up trumps here too.

What the harness does have is a seat belt tether which is used alongside the existing seat belt.  What you do is thread the tether through before you click the seat belt into place.  The other end of the tether has a crash tested carabiner which then attaches really easily on to the back of the dog harness.


Simple to use

The best thing about this car harness is that it is simple to use.  Once we got used to how it goes on and sized it to fit Annie (no simple feat as she is very wriggly!) it stays in that size all the time.  We then can attach the harness while she’s in the house and then just attach her to the tether once in the car.

Another nice touch, is that you can use the harness as a walking harness too.  We don’t often use this part, simply since she’s used to walking with a lead attached to her collar, but we could if needed.



The harness is available in five different sizes.  Approximately this relates to:

X-Small – 2-5kg dogs

Small – 5-11kg

Medium 11- 23kg

Large – 23 – 36kg

X-Large – 36-50kg

Do check the measurements of the neck and chest against the chart that the have here especially if you have chunky or very slim dogs!


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