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Since deciding to take a more conscientious approach to feeding Annie we’ve been testing out a whole heap of new dog food brands and seeing what we like and what agrees with her.  As you’ll know, it’s not all about the ethics, the packaging or even the fact as to whether it’s UK based – it’s whether your dog eats it that is the main thing!  Mind you, if he eats something that ticks all your other boxes that’s great – and we’ve found something that does that for us – Lily’s Kitchen.  Here’s our Lily’s Kitchen dog food review – spoiler alert, we love almost all that they produce!

 Lily’s kitchen dog food review – why I love it

As I said, we’re trying to be a bit more conscientious in lots of areas and one is by choosing good food for our dog Annie, local if possible and from somewhere that truly cares what goes in to his food and not just what profits they can make.  Some dog food is so utterly dire and although I have fed it in the past to my old dog, I was young, didn’t have much money and didn’t have the knowledge that we have nowadays about food quality.  I really didn’t think twice about it then, and I suppose some people still don’t, but I am glad that we’re waking up a little and caring more about what we feed our dogs.

So, on to Lily’s Kitchen.  Now, I love this company.  I love all they stand for, their ethics and their love of dogs (and cats).  They truly believe that our pets deserve proper food and strive to supply that.  The food is made with natural ingredients and you can actually read the ingredients list and feel like you understand it and that it will be enjoyable!

I love their commitment to the environment too – they have organic food options and their packaging is eco friendly and recyclable.

Lily’s Kitchen dog food – Muttley’s review

As I said before, you can have all the best ethics and ideas in the world but if your dog won’t eat it then there’s no point really.

We’ve been trying out both the dry dog food and the wet dog food as Annie likes to have a bit of variety in her life.  There is quite a lot of choice in the range and with the exception of a couple they’ve all been huge hits.

Lily’s Kitchen Adult Chicken & Duck complete dry food

This was our first test with Lily’s Kitchen and it was a complete success – Annie could not get enough!  Its key ingredients are chicken (31%), duck (8%) and sweet potato (30%) and the rest is made up of real foods and vegetables that provide a host of nutritional benefits and vitamins.  Importantly, it’s also grain free which is really good for many dogs as grains can cause so much stomach upsets.

The kibble is a really good size and as I said, was thoroughly enjoyed by my dog!

The bags come in small 1kg bags, all the way up to 12kg size.  You can see the different options here.

There’s also plenty of variety in flavours in the dry dog food too – you can also get Venison & Duck and Organic Chicken & Vegetable.

For older dogs there’s Salmon & Trout and if you have a puppy then their Chicken & Salmon option is for them.

Lily’s Kitchen wet dog food

Once a day Annie gets a wet dog food option and it’s probably her favourite time of day!  (Her second favourite is her other food time)  Again we’ve been testing the variety of foods that Lily’s Kitchen has to offer – there are a lot!

I’ll say that the one flavour option that didn’t go down so well was the cottage pie one – not sure why, but she just didn’t enjoy it so well.

Her favourites seem to be Sunday Lunch and Fish supper – although I think there’s still a few options we haven’t tried yet!


Lily’s Kitchen dog food treats – our review

As well as a host of proper dog food, Lily’s Kitchen also does a good range of dog treats and biscuits.  Again, we’ve not tried everything (Annie would be needing some diet food if we had!) but we have given the bedtime biscuits a try which seem to be enjoyed.  I like them as they have chamomile in them and some other calming ingredients so if you have a dog that needs settled on a night time it would be a good thing to try.


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