Masterclip dog clippers review

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Getting a set of dog clippers that not only can tackle your dogs coat but are a pleasure to use can be tough.  It’s hard to glean information from reviews because so many dogs have different needs as well.  I hope you find our Masterclip dog clippers review helpful as you navigate a simpler life away from the grooming parlour!

Our Masterclip dog clippers review

The Masterclip Pedigree Pro dog clippers are a really great product.  Yes, they are on the expensive side and yes there are many options that are so much cheaper, but if you’re serious about saving some money at the dog groomers and want your dog to still look presentable at the end of the day they are a great choice.  You’ll still recoup your money really quickly.

What makes this item stand out from others is that you can get different blades that will suit your dogs coat.  It comes with one standard blade but if you need anything different, for example if your dog has a wiry coat, then you can get that.  They do bespoke blade packs for different breeds too so you can check out the manufacturers site here.

It also comes with 4 comb guards so you can graduate the length of your cutting – always a good idea.

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Powerful two speed Rotary motor

The motor is a powerful 2 speed of 2300rpm and 2900rpm which means that it can quite happily take the job of a large or small grooming session.  As with many clippers though a longer session has the effect of making them hot so bear that in mind.

It’s mains powered although if you want a more mobile option they do have a battery pack that can be bought so still a good idea for dog shows etc.


High Quality 30F German Steel Blade

The blade that comes as standard with the basic Masterclip dog clippers is a size 30F and it’s made of high quality German steel.  Without a comb guide it will gut to a length of 0.5mm so fairly close – I’d recommend using a come guide unless you want a bald dog!  But if you have a dog that is suffering from matted hair and you need it removed then it would be a good choice.

Masterclip do two different kinds of blades – the F blade (as you get with this model) and a Skip Tooth blade.

F blades have a full row of even teeth and will give a sharp and clean show level finish to your dog’s coat.

Skip tooth blades are used for rough cutting and has wider teeth, suitable for longer coats.  It can thin the coat down and it’s good for dog with wiry and unruly coats such as terriers.

The blades attach and remove really easily and they feel really good quality.  The do have a tendency to get hot though so make sure that you give the clippers a rest on a long grooming session as with all clippers.

Features and specification

  • powerful two speed motor
  • comb guards for 6mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm
  • one high quality steel blade – 30F (0.5mm)
  • 2 year warranty

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What others have to say

As well as giving my own views I like to check the internet to get a general view of what people have said about these clippers.

There are many positive reviews on Amazon on this product and scattered around the various dog breed options available on there.  Most people are praising the clippers for being extremely easy to use and being a good solid product.  Some reviews praise the quietness of the motor while others think they are quite noisy – I guess if your dog is reacting to it then it might feel too noisy overall.

The negatives that seem to come up are that they do get warm so you might need to groom your dog in small chunks of time to let them cool, especially when you’re first getting used to grooming your dog.

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 Overall I think these are a great set of clippers, made much better by the fact that you can get sets for your individual breed if you need it.  Even the basic set, combined with the combs, are a great starter set to get your dog used to being clipped at home and to eventually save you money!

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