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Finding a dog food that will not only appeal to your dog but that will also make you feel good about buying is a tough task.  You want the best, but that’s no good if they don’t eat it!  Unfortunately some dogs are just very fussy and it can take trial and error.  If you’re looking to try a new, wet dog food then I really recommend the Naturo range.  It’s one of our favourites here!  I have mentioned it before in my guide to the best grain free dog food, but I wanted to go a bit more in depth and talk about the other options available.  So here’s my Naturo dog food review and I hope that it will help you decide whether it’s worth trying out or not.

Our Naturo dog food review

I’m a big fan of the Naturo food brand – I like that they are a UK company and source their ingredients locally.  I like that they provide high quality dog food and I like that they don’t add filler ingredients.  All in all they are well worth trying if you have high standards for dog food like me.

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100% Natural Ingredients

Naturo only use natural ingredients and one look at their ingredient list and you’ll instantly recognise what’s in there.  There”s nothing that is hard to pronounce or sounds like it might be artificial!

Each flavour has meat as the main ingredient and it takes up around 60%.  The further ingredients are simply rice (or potato if you go for the grain free option) and vegetables – normally carrots, peas and potatoes.  They also add some essential vitamins and minerals to the food meaning that it’s really an all round healthy choice.

Large variety of flavours and options

The image above shows their variety pack which gives four different flavours – perfect if your dog likes to have a bit of variety in their diet or if you want to see which one they prefer.  The pack has chicken and lamb, lamb, duck and also salmon flavours.

As well as these there are a few other options of dog food in the Naturo range.  They also do a Senior dog food which is turkey, rice and vegetables; two grain free varieties that are chicken and potato and also salmon and potato; and they also do a light chicken, rice and vegetables option for dogs that need to lose a little weight.


  • High quality wet dog food
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • large percentage of meat included – around 60%
  • combined with rice and vegetables or potato and vegetables for the grain free varieties
  • locally sourced ingredients
  • no cheap fillers
  • large range of options


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What others have to say

As well as giving my own thoughts I really like to look around the internet to get another view of what people have said about this dog food.

Of course there are always reviews stating that their dog wouldn’t touch the food and it’s hard to get an accurate picture.  Really though, they have a great reputation and their reviews on Amazon are consistently high.  Overall the main positive is that it’s a good value dog food for what you get.

There had been a bad review a few years ago due to the packaging, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue now.  Some people don’t seem to like the content of rice and potato in it and would prefer less but that’s a small minority of the reviewers.

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 Overall we love the Naturo range, it does what it says on the tin and if your dog enjoys it you can be sure that he’ll be getting a good diet.  Definitely one to give a try if you’re concerned about what your dog is eating.

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