Tips for keeping a dog outside during the day

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If either your home set up or your dog fits a life outside then there’s some things to consider before deciding to keep your dog outside during the day.

This is not intended to be a ‘should you or should you not’ keep your dog outside debate post – everyone’s set up is different and if you live in the countryside with no neighbours and have working dogs, your situation is going to be a little different to someone who lives in a built up town.  Again, it’s one thing to have your dog outside permanently to wanting them to be outside for a couple of hours a day while you work or pop to the shops.

Remember that your dog’s welfare is your responsibility so you must make sure their needs are being met.

  • dogs are social creatures.  It’s better if you have more than one dog together if you’re going to have them outside and if not then make sure to have plenty of interaction with them.
  • Hiring a dog walker or companion is a good idea if you’ll be out for a long time so that your dog can get some exercise and social time.
  • A secure space is one of the top considerations if you are keeping dogs outside, make sure that your garden is secure and that they can’t escape or be stolen.  A dog run might also be worthwhile considering too.
  • shelter is essential.  Being able to escape the wind, rain or even sun is a must.  A dog house that they can retreat to will mean their own comfy spot.  Insulated houses will help in the cold – check out my best dog house reviews.
  • As well as a dog house, some shade is a good idea especially in the summer when it might be too hot in the house as well.
  • Always have plenty of clean water available.
  • Consider bringing your dogs inside over the coldest months of the year.

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