What’s the best anti bark device for dogs?

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We’ve all been there, something spooks your dog and it starts barking uncontrollably.  You worry about what all the neighbours think and you try all you can to distract the dog from whatever it is that’s causing the noise.  If that happens just every so often you’ll probably cope fine with it.  If it happens numerous times a day then it’s likely you’ve thought about ways in which to stop your dog barking.  In this article I’m looking at the best anti bark device for dogs – there’s a few ideas to look at and I hope you find it all helpful.

Are anti bark devices harmful to dogs?

There are items on the market that aren’t very humane – make sure that when you’re choosing which one to go for that you look to how the item stops the dog barking.  Some use vibrations, smells, sounds or sometimes a combination.  I’d stay away from anything that gives an electric shock to the dog when it barks.

Does my dog need an anti bark device?

As you probably know already, dogs bark as a way of communicating so barking is definitely not something to be worried about.  If it’s excessive and causing distress to either yourself or your neighbours then something to try and train your dog to calm down and be less noisy is definitely worth a go.

Be aware that if your dog suffers from anxiety or stress related barking then these methods might not work so well for them and could be harmful – I’d suggest talking to your vet for ideas on how to combat that.

What to look for in an anti bark device?

Personally, I always look for good reviews with items like this.  It’s important to see that it has worked in the past for others!

There are many different types of anti bark products so what you look for will depend on your circumstances and how you want to control your dog.  Do you want to just control it while in the garden?  Do you want the bark to be controlled when you’re not around, perhaps when at work?  Or do you want something that can correct the dogs behaviour when you’re around.

Best anti bark devices – our reviews

Pets Finest Anti bark collar

This is my top pick for the best anti bark collar – there are some others that are worth looking at below, but this one has a much better success rate I think.  The collars use different ways of stopping the barking so have a think about which you’ll think will be more effective for you.

This one utilises both sound and vibration to cease the barking.  It starts with a sound and if barking continues to happen the vibration kicks in.  It’s safe to use both indoors and out.

It also comes in two different sizes – the large size being good for dogs up to about 150lbs (about 68kg).

check this item out on Amazon here.


PetSafe Anti-Bark spray collar

Another well reviewed product but one that works very differently is this one from PetSafe.  This one uses smell to suppress the barking.

It works quite simply – there’s a microphone in the collar and when it picks up the barking it shoots a small amount of citronella out of the collar.  Dogs find the smell of this unpleasant and so the hope is that it will stop them barking.  I think as well that the sound of the spray also has an effect too.

It does require refilling after some time and refills are available easily but it’s an added expense to a collar that is already one of the more expensive ones.  However, if you’ve tried the other kind with  no success it’s got to be worth a go!

You can see more info about this product on Amazon here.


PetSol Anti Barking Dog Collar


This collar from Petsol works very similarly to the Pets Finest one I looked at earlier and it has similar results – it’s a very popular product.

The Petsol collar uses both sound and vibration to suppress the need to bark in your dog and it has 7 levels of correction.  The first and second level just uses sound as a warning and once you get to the 3rd through to the seventh, it uses vibration alongside.  The collar will move to the next level if you dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous correction.

One thing I liked is that if it gets to level 7 and is still barking for 1 minute after that the collar will stop to prevent distress and to protect your dog.  I think this is a really important feature.

There’s also a sixty day guarantee with this item so a good one to try out even if you have no hope that it will work – but judging by the reviews, lot of people have been pleasantly surprised!

See the latest price of this item here


Pet Corrector

This is something slightly different and is used manually by yourself to help correct a behaves that is unwanted.  So that means it’s great for dogs that bark a lot and also for dogs that jump or are just generally doing something you want them to learn to stop.

It does require you being there, so this is great for someone who is home with the dogs most of the time or really just as a tool to help train a new dog in the house.

It is a compressed can or air and when pressed it emits a loud hiss that will take your dogs attention away from what it’s doing.  They can be then used as a training aid that means that when it’s used the dog should stop what it’s doing.  It should never be sprayed on to a dog.

It’s a cheap option and if you have the time and patience is a really great product.

You can see more about this item here.


Signstek portable ultrasonic dog repeller and bark stopper


This product and the next one again use a completely different way of stopping barking.  They use ultrasonic sound waves.  This can be inaudible for humans (very important!) but can be heard by dogs and will help them to curb their nuisance behaviour.

This one by Signstek is a portable device so it’s a good one to try out if collars aren’t working for you and you want to be able to take it out and about with you, perhaps to a park or even on holiday.  It can be used for more than just barking but also for digging, scratching and jumping.  Whenever your dog starts the behaviour you don’t like, just press the button and it will emit the ultrasonic sound.

There’s also an LED flashlight on the device which is good for night time walks but it also serves as a way to find out if the battery is running low – useful on a product that you can’t hear!

See more about this item on Amazon here.


Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Bark controller – bird house shape

Finally we have a similar device but one that stays static.  It can be used both indoors and out, but with this design it’s definitely one that would look better in a garden!

It can pick up barking up to 50ft away and when it does it emits the ultrasonic sound.  It’s suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs and is completely humane.  It has 4 different levels to set it at – test, low, medium and high.

It’s suitable for outdoors but does state to avoid extreme temperatures – if we’re due a cold snap outside it might be better to bring it in or avoid using it in the winter.

This one has many positive reviews from people who have bought this due to a neighbours dog rather than their own – if you’re struggling with getting a dog to be quiet and nothing seems to change it then it might be worth trying.

See more about this product on Amazon here.


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