What’s the best no pull dog harness on the market?

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Having a dog that is constantly pulling can turn what should be a lovely walk in the park in to a nightmare.  It feels like it should be the simplest of things to correct but often it’s incredibly tricky.  In order to enjoy walks more and to hopefully help your dog to stop pulling an anti pull dog harness might be something to try out.  They work in lots of cases and I’ve definitely seen a change in behaviour when I’ve used them.  I’m going to be looking at the best no pull dog harness and also some tips on how to choose.

How to choose the best no pull dog harness

When searching for a good dog harness you might want to consider the following:

  • How adjustable is it?  Will it fit your dog?
  • can the harness be left on while they’re having a run around?
  • Does the lead attach to the front or the back?
  • How easy to use and put on is it?  Is there a front clip or does it attach on their tummy?
  • Is it escape proof?  A harness is useless if your dog can wiggle out of it.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable and doesn’t choke your dog too.


The most effective no pull dog harness for walking will be one that is comfortable to use and that is easy.  If it’s a pain to get on and off, leading to a grumpy dog (and owner) you’ll be less likely to use it, so ease of use is always at the top of my list.

No pull dog harness reviews

COA Non-pull Harness

Best anti pull dog harness – most popular

This is one of the bestsellers in the UK at the moment.  The Company of Animals harness claims to stop pulling instantly and it certainly does work that well for some dogs.  It has a lot of good reviews from really happy dog owners who have had their walks transformed.

It has padded areas where the harness goes under your dogs legs as this can be an area that gets rubbed which is great and it can be left on while the dog is off for a run and having a play around.  It’s a fairly inexpensive bit of kit so a good budget dog harness, nice and simple to use and comes in three different sizes for different breeds.

Check out this product on Amazon here.



Julius K-9 Harness

Best rated dog harness

The Julius k-9 dog harness is a super popular one.  So much so that we bought it for our dog Annie when we got her.  Unfortunately for some reason she didn’t get on too well with it – might have been the shape of her and perhaps we bought the wrong size, but she got herself out of it really easily!


In saying that, I’ve seen loads of dogs wearing the harness and also spoken to many fans of it, so I think we were unlucky.


But how is it for stopping pulling?  It’s not designed as a no-pull harness specifically but because the lead is attached at the back of the harness it helps with the balance of the dog while they’re walking and it can mean they don’t feel the need to pull so much.


It’s available in many sizes so definitely measure your dog before buying to make sure it will be suitable.  I love that you can customise the sides of the harness with new patches – a really fun addition to it!


You can see more details and the latest price here.


Halti harness

The Halti harness is another of the dog training harnesses by the Company of Animals.  The Halti is a very simple design, being one strap that goes around the dogs ribcage and another that goes round the front of the chest.  You then attach a double ended lead (not included although they do make one that works well with it) which helps to guide and control the dog.

Again there are three different sizes for you to choose from depending on the type of dog that you have.

Check out the Halti on Amazon here.


Fit into everyway dog harness


This is a much more substantial harness than the ones previously reviewed.  Available in 3 colours, green, black or orange this is a great harness for keeping your dog seen as well as for helping to train it to heel.  It has reflective piping on the harness so if you do a lot of walking at night then it’s perfect to make sure they are seen.

It can be a front attaching dog harness or you can attach your lead to the back depending on how you want it and there’s even a loop handle that can be used in conjunction with a car seatbelt so that it can double up as a car harness.

I really like this one for being extremely sturdy so if you feel like you want more than just the basic webbing, this might be a good one to try.

For more reviews and latest price check on Amazon here.


Sinbury Red Adjustable harness vest

Best harness for large breeds

If you want a nice sturdy harness but one that doesn’t seem too big and obtrusive for your dog this one from Sinbury is a great choice.  It comes in black or red and I really like it because it is simple yet effective.

It’s nicely padded at the front and at the back and with a strap that goes under the dogs belly.  The lead attaches to the back of the harness.

Available in a few different sizes too depending on the breed of your dog – be sure to measure rather than guess!

Check out more reviews and latest price here.



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2 thoughts on “What’s the best no pull dog harness on the market?”

  1. I’ve never tried any of these, just the EasyWalk, which I wasn’t a huge fan of because even the smallest size didn’t fit Matilda – and it somehow made Cow land on her back when she suddenly lunged for a cat.

    I’m interest in different products people are using, though I haven’t had much of a need anymore myself. I think the best thing for mild pulling management is something with a front clip that doesn’t constrict the dog’s shoulders.

    Training is really the best long-term solution though, at first you have to carry treats on the walk to get the dog’s attention over the environment, but you can also reward a dog for not pulling by giving them opportunities to sniff.

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